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Membership and Kit order Membership and Kit order  
APRIL 3 - MAY 13, 2018 
@ midnight 



Welcome to the WCCC! So, you want to join our Club? Great!! There are no dues, we don't require references, we don't need your Grandmother's maiden name and you don't need to create another password!

All you need to do are these 3 things:

1. Sign the waiver. On-Line Waiver

2. Order clothes from Voler. Your first clothing order needs to be $60.

3. Buy your Ride Leader a beer sometime, (not every ride, just once) to thank him or her for leading your ride! If your Ride Leader is not available, you can always buy the Ride Director a beer!

This year you can ship your order directly to an address of your choosing for Volerís established shipping fee.   No order will be ready before June 15, 2018.   Purchasing WCCC clothing of $60 or more thru Voler is how you become a WCCC member.

Friendly reminders that all members should review:

1. We'd like to have every member sign the waiver annually. If you didn't sign at the beginning of the Spring, please sign one now:

2. The ride page will continue to be active throughout the Fall and Winter -

3. We have an online marketplace called Frankslist (like Craigslist) - - feel free to post items for sale.

4. Check out our SPONSORS!  Let's make our sponsors feel the love!

With the weather changing, the road conditions will also change. SAFETY is of the highest priority. Please keep this in mind and watch out for each other.

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