Type Date Day Time Level Dist Leader Description Photo Cue# GPSLink
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday 08:00:00 AM A-B+ 63.0 Steve Petchon, Garth Borel, Viktor, Alic ... Icicle Metric (Newark Delaware)  
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday 08:35:00 AM B-C+ 38.0 Mike Van Ryn Kennett-Marshall Bridge or Hillendale  
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday 08:45:00 AM C+C 29.0 Ed Nathan Chadds Ford-Centerville-Route 100  
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday 08:30:00 AM A- 52.0 Dick Sabo, Bryan Deeney Brandywine Rollers Extended  
MTB 2007-04-01 Sunday 10:00:00 AM A-B+ 10.0 Gregg Nolte Meet at Hopewell Lake Parking Lot  
Road 2007-04-01 Sunday 09:30:00 AM B+ 35.0 Show and Go (TBD) Meet at Darlington Parking Lot  
Road 2009-04-28 Tuesday 07:00:00 PM C_11-13 38 YkX54b http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOu ... YkX54b http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com  
Road 2016-02-27 Saturday 09:00:00 AM B+15-17 39 Bob Morris Youssef will lead a true Super B ride today. I will stick with B+ today because that is my current fitness level. It is all good! Pick your poison! NO REST STOPS. BRING YOUR FOOD AND WATER. SHORT REGROUPS.

Ride Waiver Required for Non-Members. 

Road 2007-07-31 Every Tuesday Night 05:30:00 AM A 20+ 30.0 Show and GO! hammer-fest Tuesday. ride avg. 20+  
Road 2007-05-03 Every Thursday Night 05:30:00 AM A-B+ 25.0 Gilbert Torres, Dick Sabo Hill Training  
MTB-R 2007-04-10 Tuesday Night 05:30:00 AM A-B+ 25.0 Dan Sabella 5:30pm Road-7:45pm MTB  
MTB 2007-04-14 Saturday 12:00:09 AM A-B+ 15.0 Bud Mauger French Creek, Old Ranger Station, next to new.  
MTB-R 2007-04-14 Saturday 09:00:00 AM A-B+ 15.0 Bud Mauger Parking at old ranger's station next to new one  
MTB-R 2007-04-14 Saturday 09:00:00 AM A-B+ 15.0 Bud Mauger Parking old ranger station, Hopewell Lake  
MTB 2007-04-22 Sunday 09:00:00 AM B+ 20.0 Chris Jackson/Gary Witmer pre-rider XC race route as close as possible  
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