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    Sunday 09:00:00 AM B+B_14-17 30 Caesar Bunny Hop ride out of D-Town
This is a short two hour ride leaving from Kerr Park in Downingtown. Not a hammer-fest but a route that sketches out a bunny and preps you for the festivities. The hind legs created with a short climb from 282 up and down Reed Rd, then up to Pumpkin Hill (great climb for those that never tried it) for the fluffy ears, we'll finish the "Bunny"  by heading back via Little Conestoga, Eagleview and my neck of the woods.
Let me know if you can make it
Text 610-715-3080 or E-mail caesarcaramanico@gmail.com
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday 08:35:00 AM TRAIN 41.0 Frank Dulin Paceline Training 145
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday 08:00:00 AM A-B+ 63.0 Steve Petchon, Garth Borel, Viktor, Alic ... Icicle Metric (Newark Delaware)  
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday 08:35:00 AM B-C+ 38.0 Mike Van Ryn Kennett-Marshall Bridge or Hillendale  
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday 08:45:00 AM C+C 29.0 Ed Nathan Chadds Ford-Centerville-Route 100  
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday 08:30:00 AM A- 52.0 Dick Sabo, Bryan Deeney Brandywine Rollers Extended  
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday 08:30:00 AM B 33.0 Graves, Oleck, Supplee, Torchiana (in Ab ...   139
MTB 2007-04-01 Sunday 10:00:00 AM A-B+ 10.0 Gregg Nolte Meet at Hopewell Lake Parking Lot  
Road 2007-04-01 Sunday 09:30:00 AM B+ 35.0 Show and Go (TBD) Meet at Darlington Parking Lot  
Road 2007-04-07 Saturday 08:40:00 AM B 39.0 Supplee, Graves(temp. dependant), Oleck?   94
Road 2007-04-07 Saturday 08:30:00 AM A- 42.0 Steve Petchon Shorted to 42 Miles 37
Road 2007-04-07 Saturday 08:30:00 AM B+ 42.0 Brian Deeney We will use the new route Steve posted 37
Road 2007-04-08 Sunday 09:30:00 AM B 35.0 Frank Dulin SHOW and GO-Delware Ride 147
MTB-R 2007-04-10 Tuesday Night 05:30:00 AM A-B+ 25.0 Dan Sabella 5:30pm Road-7:45pm MTB  
Road 2007-04-14 Saturday 08:40:00 AM C 30.0 Ed Nathan

This is an easy and pleasant ride with few hills. There may be a small detour as there was a bridge on Brandywine Creek Road that was under restoration late last year, but we will be able to check the status of the road and adjust accordingly.
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