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Road 2007-06-24 Sunday 07:00:00 AM ALL   multiple (25/50/75/100 mile options) 5TH ANNUAL FRENCH CREEK IRON TOUR: Cycling for Open Space. Charity fun ride with 25/50/75/100 mile route options.

Click here to register. Register by June 20 to save $5 and ensure quicker check-in on the morning of the ride!
Road 2007-07-25 Every Wednesday 08:30:00 AM B+B 14-17   Frank Dulin Don't know what route yet! Meet at Tami's on Gay St.  
Road 2007-09-16 Sunday 08:30:00 AM A-B+ 15-19   varies Sunday Show-and-Go. Distance and pace tailored to the group. Departs from Tami's Bakery at the corner of Gay and Church Streets.  
MTB 2007-09-30 Sunday 09:00:00 AM B_MTB   Jeff East Bradford trails. Park in the East Bradford lot. You can ride for 45 minutes or up to 3 hours. There will be three cutoff points.
send me an e-mail if you want more info
MTB 2007-10-21 Sunday 12:00:08 AM B_MTB   Jeff Marsh Creek. Boat Ramp area. This will be a relaxed, learning type ride. Two hours, give or take. Try new things and work on those skills.
E-mail for more info:jk1223@comcast.net
MTB 2007-11-04 Sunday 08:30:00 AM B_MTB   Jeff East Bradford trails. Meeting in the parking lot off of Skelp Level road. We'll be doing a series of loops. Come for an hour or up to three. Moderate pace with lots of re-grouping. E-mail me if you want more info
Road 2007-11-04 Sunday 08:30:00 AM A-B+ 15-19   (various) Sunday Show-n-Go. Leaves at 8:30AM from Tami's.


MTB 2007-12-08 Saturday 09:00:00 AM C_MTB   Mike "The Red-Nosed Rider" Van Ryn I ask myself, "Are trees and rocks any less painful than the road when you hit them?"

Probably not, but cars won't run over you when you fall.
Road 2008-01-01 Tuesday 12:00:00 PM B+B 14-17   Speedy-The "Alka Seltzer" Man Nothing cures a raging hangover like a brisk road bike ride. Maybe we'll do a ride to The Whip or to Iron Hill in Media so you can enjoy the smell of their beer. (air-sickness bags not provided)
Road 2007-12-30 Sunday 09:30:00 AM B+B 14-17   Mike V. ***SHOW-N-GO***

Meet at Tami's on Gay Street. Route TBD, but figure between 35-40 miles. The weather should be ok with temps around 35 F. Could be the last ride in 2007! Don't delay-order now, operators are standing by!
MTB 2008-01-13 Sunday 09:30:00 AM B_MTB   Jeff, Tony, Alison Wissahikon. We leave WC at 8:30. Ride by 9:30. Home by 1pm. E-mail for more details jk1223@comcast.net  
Road 2008-01-19 Saturday 09:30:00 AM B__ 14-16   Clark W. Griswold "Sorry folks! We're closed for two weeks to clean and repair America's favorite family fun park!"< br>
The roads are covered with salt, gravel, water and other nasty bits that make cycling hazardous to your health. Therefore, I have canceled my ride for Saturday. Sunday's forcast calls for highs in the 20's with a biting wind and windchills in the single-digits. Hardly ideal riding weather. Maybe next weekend. Be Safe
MTB 2008-01-20 Sunday 09:00:00 AM B_MTB   Jeff Harmony hill for a few hours. Multiple loops so you can ride as much or little as you like. Parking off of Skelp Level Road. jk1223@comcast.net, if you have any questions  
  2008-02-09 Saturday Night 07:00:00 AM All   Mike V Sorry guys-I'm not riding today-I have to get my suit from the cleaner's for the Year-End Par-tee! Should I go with the vest and watch combo or the exposed chest hair look?  
Road 2008-03-15 Saturday 09:30:00 AM All   Lucky the Leprechaun They're after me Lucky Charms!

Wearing of the Green for St. Patty's Day. Even if your not Irish, you can still drink plenty of beer after the ride.
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