Type  Date  Day Time Level Dist Leader Description Photo Cue# GPSLink
ZWIFT 2017-11-18 Saturday 08:30:00 AM A-_17-19 54 Steve Karaszkiewicz
Location: Watopia
Course: Road to Ruins
Distance: 54 (3 laps of course)
Pace: A/A- 3 w/kg or higher, but we'll probably dip down to 2.5 w/kg at various points to recover during the ride.
Time: Depart from the start/finish banner at 8:30 AM

Put (WCCC) at the end of your last name on your Zwift profile.  Also wear the Zwift Basic 3 Jersey (blue).  I'm not sure if there will be a Super B or a B ride on Zwift as well if the weather isn't bad, but I'll try to get them setup with ride leaders.

I broke my finger at a CX race, so look out for more Zwift ride posts from me.
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