Type Date  Day  Time Level Dist Leader Description Photo Cue# GPSLink
Road 2017-10-14 Saturday 08:30:00 AM Super_B_17+ 50 Bob Morris



Ride to Toughkenamon 

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Road 2017-10-14 Saturday 08:25:00 AM A-2_17-19 50 Mike De Franco (Deron's Sub)
Cancelled for wet roads and leaves. Going back to bed.

Toughkenamon 50
A nice route tested on the Usual Suspects ride 10 days ago.  Rest stop at El Cunadof for bathrooms and fresh bananas, etc.  No drops.  Regroup at hilltops.  Bob's group is following for support if any one needs to drop back.  Route available for download.

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Road 2017-10-14 Saturday 08:00:00 AM A-B+_15-19 81 Brian Oberholtzer & John Tonetti

Strasburg Express Loop

(too late for a formal change to plans... will discuss possible adjustments at 7:55 in the lot)
Route updated 2:00 p.m. 10/12/17.  A kind of thrifted-down Lancaster Century route.  No Drops.  The route, along with good organization should yield a quick average (thus I'm including A- in the level but it will not be an A- effort).  The main point is to have fun.  I'll be suffering so be nice to me. Two planned rest stops: miles 28 and 56.  

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Road 2017-10-14 Saturday 08:20:00 AM B_14-16 45 Alan I go away for bit and no one leads a B ride?  Returning to riding after 3 weeks off the bike so this should be interesting.  I think the last time I rode this cue there were only three of us so it won't be a repeat for most of you.  Climbing front loaded.  We'll take a break in Hockessin. 

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Road 2017-10-14 Saturday 08:00:00 AM A-_17-19 66ish Craig Cancelled.  Heading north to French Creek State Park area. Ride as a group with short regroups as needed after climbs. No pirates. Rain cancels. Call made by 7:15 am. 

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  2017-10-14 Saturday 08:15:00 AM B+15-17 49 Mike Kress Going to Longwood and Kennett.   Doing somewhat a reverse of normal routes and will get the rollers out of the way in the first 1/2.   Last 20 miles is just cruising back into town.  Guaranteed downhill and tail wind in that portion.   We'll ride as a group and stay together until Embreeville - doing the best pace the group can safely handle.  Expect about 16mph for this ride.

Cancellations by 7a Saturday.

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Road 2017-10-14 Saturday 10:00:00 AM B+B_14-17 51 Viktor


Road 2017-10-14 Saturday 01:45:00 PM A-B+_15-19 35ish Doug Atlas
Afternoon Option from Great Valley

I could not ride this morning due to work.  I know most rides were canceled due to wet roads.  I do plan to ride for 35 miles this afternoon FROM MY HOUSE 12 Dale Lane, Malvern.  If interested in joining me, please email doug_atlas@hotmail.com, fun route to include Flowing Springs.
Road 2017-10-14 Saturday 08:30:00 AM B_14-16 42? Jack

Out to Chatham using parts of several cues. As usual, looking for B riders who want to ride safely at the best pace the entire group can maintain - I will probably be the "governor" since I have been traveling and not riding. Rest stop at  Chatham. No drop until we get to 842 on the return. 

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Road 2017-10-14 Saturday 07:00:00 AM B+15-17 35 ish Don Hurford

Daybreak ride from WC.  Ride route a game day decision. Count on a low traffic and scenic route. Please text me if you can make it 215-806-3749. Thanks 

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Road 2017-10-14 Saturday 07:40:00 AM B+B_14-17 47 Jaime Torchiana Cue 131. No drop policy. Please print and bring/load your own cue. Emphasis on safety and fun. Ride average will be within posted range. Rain cancels this ride - will post by 7am.
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