Type Date  Day  Time Level Dist Leader Description Photo Cue# GPSLink
ZWIFT 2017-11-18 Saturday 08:30:00 AM A-_17-19 54 Steve Karaszkiewicz
Location: Watopia
Course: Road to Ruins
Distance: 54 (3 laps of course)
Pace: A/A- 3 w/kg or higher, but we'll probably dip down to 2.5 w/kg at various points to recover during the ride.
Time: Depart from the start/finish banner at 8:30 AM

Put (WCCC) at the end of your last name on your Zwift profile.  Also wear the Zwift Basic 3 Jersey (blue).  I'm not sure if there will be a Super B or a B ride on Zwift as well if the weather isn't bad, but I'll try to get them setup with ride leaders.

I broke my finger at a CX race, so look out for more Zwift ride posts from me.
Road 2017-11-18 Saturday 08:45:00 AM Super_B_17+ 51 Bob Morris Note later start time. Going north today. Try a few roads we have not ridden in some time. The cue says 53 miles but we are gonna cut out 2-3 miles around mile 22. One or two steep climbs but overall elevation is not bad.
Very classy rest stop!

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  2017-11-18 Saturday 09:00:00 AM B+15-17 45 Mike Kress Deron gave my route some tweaks to drop Frog Hollow, but gain Triple Fresh.    We'll follow behind him by a minute or two.   If he's too slow, we'll pass him on 842.

Not too hilly, but we're not avoiding hills either.   I'm expecting to climb about 2,500 ft and be near 16 mph.   Rest stop at the Triple Fresh, so bring some nickels.

Gameday decisions by 7:15a.

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Road 2017-11-18 Saturday 08:30:00 AM A-_17-19 58ish Craig Heading east to Malvern/Glen Mills then south to Kennett Square via Chadds Ford. Ride as a group with short regroups as required. Fall pace. Rest stop at Wawa at about mile 33. No pirates. Rain cancels.

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Road 2017-11-18 Saturday 08:35:00 AM B+B_14-17 58 Viktor Malvern-Chaddsford
East and West with a few hills in between. We'll be following the same route as the A- group, so if they get jettisoned off the back, we can pick them up, if they promise to behave nicely.
Road 2017-11-18 Saturday 09:00:00 AM A-2_17-19 44 Deron Jester
Later.  Shorter.  Flatter.
Faster?  Waiting for temps to rise a bit and keeping the route flatter and shorter to get home sooner.   I stole the route initially from Kress but added a rest stop at Triple Fresh instead of the Whip.  Ride together as a group.  Look for a steady effort and a fun ride down Broad Run on the way home.  Questions: 484-319-6954.  Route available for download. 
Road 2017-11-18 Saturday 09:00:00 AM B_14-16 44 Alan Headed south. Some climbing but nothing killer.  Kind of rolly for the first ten.  About a 3 hr adventure depending on the length of our stop. No drops (I'm the most likely candidate anyway!)   
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