Type Date  Day  Time Level Dist Leader Description Photo Cue# GPSLink
Road 2018-04-21 Saturday 09:00:00 AM B+15-17 44 Mike Kress and Alan Brooks
The VA and Hibernia.  The weather will be chilly, so I'm going to chill this ride.  We are toning down the distance and climb.  It's a gentle route with no steep climbs, expect about 2,300 ft.    Rest stop at 1/2 way point at the CVS past the VA.

Distance:  44
Climb:  2,300 ft
Mike's Climb Factor (MCF):  1.5 / 5
Target Pace:  16-17 mph

No pirates, have fun.. Cancellations posted by 7:30a 

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Road 2018-04-21 Saturday 09:15:00 AM C-_10-12 33 Jane Shields

Broad Run and Mortonville ride.  With a change:  we'll take Mortonville/Brandywine Creek Road back.  Laurel Road isn't a road at all for one short part.  No drops.  Please note 9:15 start.  Weather forecast is for a chilly start. 

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Road 2018-04-21 Saturday 08:30:00 AM A_19+ TBD TBD Alex:  I am racing on Sunday, so can't lead.  I know some other regulars are going to be away this Sat too.  Check back to see if someone is interested in leading...

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Road 2018-04-21 Saturday 08:15:00 AM B+15-17 62 Viktor Joanna Furnace
Heading north on what should be a nice, albeit cool-to-start, ride. 

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Road 2018-04-21 Saturday 08:45:00 AM B_14-16 45 Bob Lamb


A gently rolling ride out to Cochranville, with a slight variation going past the Whip and then up Rosenvick (rather than Chapel).  No drops; no pirates.  Bring money/snacks for rest stop at the Turkey Hill.

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Road 2018-04-21 Saturday 08:45:00 AM B+15-17 50 Bob Morris

Deron can't ride today so we will do our own thing. Still at a winter pace as we all try to get stronger.  Rest stop at mile 35 in Kennet.  Note start time.

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Road 2018-04-21 Saturday 08:10:00 AM A-_17-19 62 Keith and Marty
Joanna's Furnace A- Version

Craig is away.  Obie, who usually fills in, is in India.  Doug, who leads when Craig and Obie can't is unable to make it.  So, you're stuck with the fourth string leaders.  We'll be leaving 5 minutes ahead of Viktor and following his route.  No pirates.  Ride as a group.  Yada, yada, yada....

Road 2018-04-21 Saturday 08:45:00 AM B_14-16 43 JC and Caesar
JC and CC will ride ahead of Kress and Alan. When will they catch us? A no drop ride, with regroup at top of climbs, we will work together with safety in mind. We like clean bikes, so please inspect and ensure that your equipment is up to snuff. A good route, familiar roads, some..... but limited pain will be issued. Pirates will be dropped
Road 2018-04-21 Saturday 08:00:00 AM B+15-17 39 Jaime Torchiana Chilly start out to unionville, Londonderry and Chatham with plenty of hills to warm us up. 
Emphasis on safety and fun.
Winter-type pace for second ride of season. No drop policy. 
Road 2018-04-21 Saturday 06:30:00 AM B+15-17 37 Nick Daise Spencer-Lambourtown-Wilson: pretty flat route through souther chester co farm country  
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