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Gravel 2017-12-10 Sunday 08:00:00 AM B+B_14-17 35 Ben C & Brian O
CANCELLED - a bit messier out there than expected and staying cold overnight.  We'll post this one again soon.
Cross Bike Tour of Parks and Gravel
*** From Historic Yellow Springs ***
A meandering route from Yellow Springs over to Marsh Creek and back.  Meet and park at the lot besides the Chester Springs Library in Historic Yellow Springs.
Road 2017-12-10 Sunday 01:00:00 PM B+15-17 50 Mike Dirks CANCELLED. Throwing in the towel- just not worth the risk

Backup Sunday Ride, depending on what this storm actually delivers. .Given projected (light) snowfall into early evening and sub-freezing temps tonight, the usual morning ride seems dicey (see separate posting). I'm posting this ride in the hope we don't see an accumulation and roads dry through the morning Sunday if we don't ride in the morning. 

Thinking doing the Usual Suspects (Wed AM) route.

Please email me if any interest: Mail to: dirksmike@gmail.com 
Road 2017-12-10 Sunday 08:30:00 AM B+15-17 50 Mike Dirks CANCELLED, Still hopeful for afternoon ride

Usual (route, pace, no-drop within posted range) Sunday morning ride. 

Given Saturday's light snowfall and projected subfreezing temps tonight, conditions may be dicey. Fall back ride posted for the afternoon- see separate posting. Go/no go decision by 7:00
Road 2017-12-03 Sunday 08:30:00 AM B+B_14-17 50 Dirks Sunday Ride
Same route, totally different experience each time.
Road 2017-12-03 Sunday 09:30:00 AM B_14-16 30 Ben C
Yellow Springs Recovery Ride - leaves from Chester Springs Library.

This is a recovery ride (14-16 mph)with optional coffee near the end of the route.  Plenty of parking at the start.
Attention pirates:  This is a recovery ride (14-16 mph).
Standard 30 mile loop.
Attention non-Saturday riders: This is a recovery ride (14-16 mph).
Road 2017-12-03 Sunday 09:30:00 AM B_14-16 30 Ben C Nice calm December morning for a ride in northern Chester County.  8 riders, lots of chatter, no drama (except for Lee's drivetrain).  Attempted a recovery pace and mostly failed, although much more civilized than prior weeks.  A few riders were over the 16 mph upper speed limit.  Thanks to those who helped keep it under control.  Special welcome to two new Reservoir Dogs this trip.
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