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Road 2017-10-01 Sunday 12:00:00 PM All N/A Steve Karaszkiewicz
WCCC Skills Clinic

Join me on Sunday October 1st for WCCC's first Skills Clinic.  The purpose of this event is to teach club members how to properly handle their bikes and ride with others in the safest possible manner.  We'll be teaching members skills such as cornering, proper braking techniques, pacelines, bumping and leaning and controlling your bike while rubbing wheels.  This event is only for WCCC members.  There are only 20 spots available, so sign up soon before they're all gone.  The price of admission is free.  Follow the link below for instructions on registration as well as other information.

Location: Collegium Charter School, 515 James Hance Court, Exton, PA 19341
Time: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Road 2017-10-01 Sunday 08:30:00 AM All 20-45 Pedal4Cam Ride A ride to support Cure4Cam Childhood Cancer Foundation.  Here's the link: http://simplsystems.com/c4c/pedal4cam-a-bicycle-ride-for-childhood-cancer/

MTB 2017-10-01 Sunday 08:30:00 AM All 8-16 Pedal4Cam Support Cure4Cam Childhood Cancer Foundation. Here's the link: http://simplsystems.com/c4c/pedal4cam-a-bicycle-ride-for-childhood-cancer/

5 Mile Guided Beginner
8,12, and 16 mile marked loops

Road 2017-10-01 Sunday 09:00:00 AM B+15-17 30 Ben C

Ride bikes, drink coffee, meet the Reservoir Dogs, good conversation, no drama, regroup always, leave from Yellow Springs, plenty of parking.  New participants are welcome - use 1657 Art School Road to navigate to the start if driving.

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Road 2017-10-01 Sunday 08:15:00 AM B+B_14-17 50 Marty
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
Normal route, but different leader,
No worries, this ride will be sweeter,
If recovery is what you want,
Then come along for this fall jaunt,
Be ready to ride at 8:15,
50 fun ones is what I mean.

Road 2017-09-24 Sunday 08:15:00 AM B_14-16 50 Viktor Sunday Ride
The usual, just a slightly later than normal start.
Road 2017-09-17 Sunday 08:15:00 AM B+15-17 50 Viktor/Michelle Ballard Same old recovery route at a true - promise - recovery pace that keeps us together moving nicely as a group. Talk may be salty and all games are on. P.S. It's a certain someone's special birthday and we hope she'll come out. We understand if there are other priorities so we'll get you next week ♥ ♥ ♥

Please note: The Westchester Restaurant Festival is being held from 12-5 PM and parking in lots and garages costs $5 although we may be back before noon. Plan accordingly and bring a change of clothes if you wish to indulge after the ride. http://www.west-chester.com/393/The-Chester-County-Restaurant-Festival
Road 2017-09-17 Sunday 08:25:00 AM Super_B_17+ 50 Mike DeFranco Sunday Recovery Route at a reasonably faster pace. Regroup after ascents and descents. Otherwise ride together as a safe and cohesive group.  
TRI-Swim/Run/Bike 2017-09-17 Sunday 06:00:00 AM All   Jaime Torchiana Marshman Triathlon, Marsh Creek State Park.
Sprint distance.
Road 2017-09-10 Sunday 08:00:00 AM B_14-16 50 Viktor Sunday Ride
Back to the original route. Same target mellow pace, regroup and no-drop policy. 
Road 2017-09-10 Sunday 08:25:00 AM Super_B_17+ 50 Mike DeFranco
Sunday Recovery Ride
It's still the same route with a slightly faster pace. Regroup after ascents and descents. Otherwise, riding Belgian Style to be able to talk to your riding buddies. As always, safe and fun riding is required.

Road 2017-09-03 Sunday 08:15:00 AM B+B_14-17 50 Mike Dirks
Sunday Recovery Ride!
Need to recover from your Saturday ride?
Maybe you skipped Saturday because of the forecast.
Well, then this ride if for you!
Come out and give me 50!
Usual route and pace
  2017-08-27 Sunday 07:00:00 AM All 40-100 DVBC

42nd Annual Brandywine Tour 

Five routes: 40, 50, 60, 80, and 100 miles.  Improved routes and refreshments at the
finish this year, along with fully stocked rest stops.  Start/finish: Charles Patton Middle School,
Kennett Square, PA.  More info and
registration at DVBC.org.

Road 2017-08-27 Sunday 08:50:00 AM B+15-17 45ish Randy

Its supposed to be one of the best cycling days of the year on Sunday. Low humidity and 80 degrees and sunny. This is a ride out towards the Whip up Rosenvick back around down into Modena and back home the normal route. Rest stop at the Whip for water. If you are looking for a later start time and a less crowded ride this is for you. Beer and food provided afterwards at Iron Hill.  Pirates are welcome since I have no cue sheet listed ride ahead if you like and see if we stay with you or not. I may change the route at any time. I may even shave my legs for this ride.  See you all then. 

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MTB 2017-08-27 Sunday 09:00:00 AM All 2 .5 h Scott Olmsted Harmony Hill Trail Day at Gibson Covered Bridge.  We will have a few small projects to keep us busy and will be putting the final touches on the new trail. Contact me with any questions.
Scott.driven@gmail.com , 484-802-9115
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