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MTB 2017-07-30 Sunday 09:00:00 AM All   Scott Olmsted Harmony Hill Trail Day ,Sunday 9a, Gibson Bridge

Road 2017-07-30 Sunday 08:00:00 AM B_14-16 50 Viktor

Sunday Ride


15mph target pace for a purposefully mellow and safe, courteous ride. If you want faster or don't like staying safe and courteous, look for another ride.

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Road 2017-07-30 Sunday 08:25:00 AM Super_B_17+ 50 Dave Mazzocco
Update Dave will lead and the usual Sunday route.

Slightly faster recovery ride. FYI will do usual Sunday ride but looking into similar length and climbing but a different route. Thinking about trying something new. If so, will post cue sheet.
Even if Saturday rides are cancelled for poor weather the pace will still be moderate. Ride as a group in a safe and fun manner.
Road 2017-07-30 Sunday 08:45:00 AM B_14-16 40ish Randy
This will be a bit later start time to sleep in a bit on a Sunday morning and not rush to get to the parking lot. This will be a mellow pace out to the Whip and back and if its nice possible extension if we all agree.  Not looking to pirate my own ride but others are welcome to pirate if they feel the need.  So if you looking for a later start time and a mellow pace and a later start time feel free to join me. If you have any questions feel free to email me at  rroday@hotmail.com.  Beer and food will be provided afterwards. 
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Road 2017-07-30 Sunday 07:00:00 AM A-_17-19 100+ Brian Oberholtzer
WC - Port Deposit - WC
Shamelessly stealing this from Viktor and Michelle's recent play-book, adjusted to enjoy 842 both ways.

We'll stop for breakfast at New Beginnings Port Side in Port Deposit (mile 51).  They said we can call ahead 15 minutes to order breakfast sandwiches, etc.!  Bring some cash and expect to spend 20 minutes or so there.  Will try to keep it moving otherwise with just quick stops for water.

Road 2017-07-23 Sunday 08:15:00 AM B_14-16 50 Viktor Sunday Ride
The usual. Word of the day: "Cooler" as in temperature, although anyone joining can say they are indeed "Cooler" than those who chose not to join. Target pace remains at or under 15 mph and as always, no drops. Stay mellow!
Road 2017-07-23 Sunday 08:25:00 AM Super_B_17+ 50 Deron Jester
Usual Sunday Ride 
...with a different way out of town at a bit faster pace than recovery mode.
Road 2017-07-16 Sunday 08:15:00 AM B_14-16 50 Viktor Sunday Ride
You know you want a nice easy Sunday ride, so come on out. This week's word of the day is "Happy" because that's how you'll feel on this ride. No drops - ever. 
Road 2017-07-09 Sunday 08:00:00 AM B+B_14-17 40 Ben / Marty

Sunday Chester Springs Ride

"More Reservoir Dogs"

Ride as a group along country, albeit hilly roads.

Regroup as necessary.  No pirates.

Meet at Art School and Yellow Springs Roads

Plenty of parking.

Ability to ride on two wheels while engaging in witty repartee is a must.

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Road 2017-07-09 Sunday 08:25:00 AM B+15-17 50 Mike DeFranco Sunday Recovery Ride
Slightly faster but still a recovery pace and ride as group. If able please wear a pro team or TdF jersey.
Road 2017-07-09 Sunday 08:15:00 AM B_14-16 50 Viktor

Sunday Ride

Today's word: "Mellow".

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