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Road 2018-03-21 Every Wednesday 08:45:00 AM A-B+_15-19 50ish The Usual Suspects


Let's try again next week

Come Ride With the Suspects!


Goal Pace 16-17 MPH

Meet at "La Baguette Magique" French Bakery on Market Street near Darlington 

(NOT at the parking lot!).  

Park a few blocks north to avoid meters, or near municipal building.

Weekly Wednesday Fun Ride.  

  New riders Welcome. 

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Road 2018-03-20 Tuesday 09:00:00 AM B-_13-15 30-35 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum

                               NO GO SNOW!         


We'll depart at 9:00 AM from Shaw's Bridge Park.

Destination - TBD. 


In the event  that we have bad weather (snow, excessive cold) in the morning and a cancellation is required, it will be posted here no later than 7:30 AM.  New riders always welcomed (this is a "no-drop" ride) but please sign the waiver if you're not a current WCCC member.

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Road 2018-03-19 Monday Night 05:30:00 PM B+B_14-17 25ish Gilbert Torres
Monday Night

2B∨ �2B+ 


 Ride Waiver Required for Non-Members 


Road 2018-03-14 Wednesday Night 05:30:00 PM Super_B_17+ 25 Mike Dirks Return of the Wednesday evening rides. Initial rides (hopefully) at a civilized pace -17.0 to 17.5 mph average- until we get a few decent weekend rides in our legs. Shorter distance for a couple of weeks until we pick up enough daylight to resume the standard 30 mile route.   
Road 2018-03-14 Every Wednesday 05:30:00 PM A_19+ 30 Mike De Franco

I will be running the weekly Wednesday night ride this year. This is a place holder  for the ride until the road conditions, weather, and daylight permit us to go out. This will be a fast paced, drop ride with some regrouping. Later in season hoping to include Powell Road.

**** fyi The start time will be 5:30pm on Wednesday for the entire riding season. *****

If you can not make it and ride with later group, please keep with in posted pace.

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Road 2018-03-06 Tuesday 09:00:00 AM B+B_14-17 44 Mark Eisman The Iceman is filling in for Frank Weber, (Koo koo ka choo)

Tuesday: Leaving at 9 AM from [402] S. Brandywine STREET [near Cherry Alley] in West Chester between Price and Dean.  
 There is plenty of parking (please be on time)

This is a no-drop ride and we will
ride at a pace that the entire group can safely maintain 
 Route: Cue # 238 Wilson-Bancroft-Kenneth-Longwood
 If you haven't signed a waiver in the past 12 months, please do so now - thx!

Road 2018-03-01 Thursday 09:00:00 AM B+15-17 44 Mark Eisman
I have volunteered to lead a ride in Frank's absence this Thursday.  Due the impending early afternoon rain we will take a familiar out and back route which includes a stop at Triple Fresh (Route: Cue 241-Modena-TripleFresh-FrogHollow.pdf) 

Rain will cancel and notification will be posted by 7:30AM

Thursday: Leaving at 9 AM from [402] S. Brandywine STREET [near Cherry Alley] in West Chester between Price and Dean.  

There is plenty of parking (please be on time)


Route:  http://ridewithgps.com/routes/7122588

Road 2018-02-21 Wednesday 04:00:00 PM Super_B_17+ 25ish Mike DeFranco

2PM Update: Ride is a go. Rain not expected until close to 6pm.

Spring is still a month away but temps will be the mid 70s in the afternoon.  Thinking Super B winter like pace doing shortened Hammerfest route because the sun still setting early. The will be a NO drop ride with regrouping. Email me at mkdefranco@verizon.net if can make it.

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Road 2018-02-19 Monday 09:00:00 AM B+B_14-17 44ish Caesar

Hail to the Chief   and to.....
"All the Presidents Men"---->

Not a BREAK-IN but a "breakaway" from the norm ride. If you are retired, lucky enough to have off or can get a note from our good Dr. why not  join me for a PRESIDENTIAL  ride.
We're going to follow the money ... Who is or will DEEP THROAT show up?   
NOTE: Parking lot will not be available (you will be ticketed👮)  

Text me 610-715-3080  

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ZWIFT 2018-01-02 Tuesday Night 07:00:00 PM A-B+_15-19 65 min Phil L
Location: Watopia
Course: Volcano Circuit
Time: 7:00 PM
Duration: 65 minutes

We will meet and depart from the start line inside the Volcano at 7:00 PM. 
To add a workout to your zwift simply click-here-to-download-zwo-file, save it in Documents/Zwift/Workouts folder and you'll see it under custom-workouts next time you fire up Zwift. 
Road 2017-12-26 Tuesday 09:00:00 AM B+B_14-17 45 Viktor Cold Day Ride
Although likely one of the warmer days of the week, still a day to bundle up. The cue is 45 miles. No drops. Spread the word and although we start at the parking lot, don't park there. Use the Giant lot or a side street where parking is allowed.
Road 2017-12-25 Monday 09:00:00 AM B+15-17 50 Doug Atlas
Michelle Ballard


We're sad too but it will be dangerously windy and cold. 

Happy Festivus! "Festivus for the rest of us!" In this case, it will not include the "airing of grievances" or "feats of strength" (relatively speaking). Open your presents and then come ride with us! Target 16+ pace, no drops, lots of laughs and bubblegum smokes afterward.

(P.S. We know Festivus is Dec 23, but......"SERENITY NOW!")

Stay tuned for cue updates.

Road 2017-12-22 Friday 09:30:00 AM B+B_14-17 40ish Mike Kress Probably going out to the Whip and maybe Triple Fresh.  I don't have a specific route yet, just general direction -- West.   Looking for a pretty relaxed pace; 16mph max over 40 miles.   Home by noon.

Leaving from the lot -- look for parking near S. Brandywine STREET [near Cherry Alley] in West Chester between Price and Dean or along New St (north of the lot).

No drops, but no pirates either.

Hope to see you there.
Road 2017-12-22 Friday 09:30:00 AM B+B_14-17 30 Ben C
Yellow Springs Coffee Ride

Leaves from the Chester Springs Library building - plenty of parking.  Optional coffee near the end of the route.  See new roads! Drink some coffee! Ride with the Reservoir Dogs!
Road 2017-12-21 Thursday Night 06:00:00 PM B+B_14-17 20ish Caesar & Phil
Gilbert will be out of town, but that will not stop us from riding on the shortest day of the year. We will do a stroll at an easy pace with our bike decorated with Christmas lights. X-mas balls and garland optional. Ugly x-mas sweater.... if you got one ...why not!  The route is fairly easy and very familiar to the Monday night riders. Safety and fun always first!!!

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