Type Date Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
Road 2007-04-14 Saturday B Suplee, Graves 10   41  
Road 2007-06-19 Tuesday Night B+B David Miller 2   30  
Road 2007-07-07 Saturday A- Bryan, Garth, Steve, Dick 21   47  
Road 2007-07-31 Tuesday Night B+ Multiple 9   34  
Road 2007-11-04 Sunday A-B+ Bryan N. Absentia 5   40  
Road 2008-03-29 Saturday B+ Milller;Nanis 10   40  
Road 2016-03-13 Saturday Super_B_17 Gilbert Torres and Casey 21 0 54

In the absence of Bob Morris, I volunteer
to lead the mix level group due to Bob MIA and Ericís group being too large.
Eric original planed route had some road closure problems that left me with no
queue sheet and no plan. My original intent was with Eric. So we did the best
we could. Set out to go to the Whip and then form there we were going to make
it up and so we did. With the help of Casey we manage to mix up a number of
nice road and climbs to make more miles that what I had intended to ride. At
the end everyone was happy. But one note to remember, Tim dropped his chain and
no one heard him. Leaving him dropped about 8 miles from home. Let make an
effort to remember who is with us riding we he can gauge quickly when someone
is missing.

Road 2011-11-20 Sunday Super_B_ Randy 14   40 A lot of riders showed up for my Sunday ride 14 total. The casual ride tuned into a hammer fest due to all the strong riders who came on the ride. We dropped Alieen in the devlopement and found her on the way back int but had no time to talk since I was in a fast pace line, with Jason,Charles and A- guy. Over all us four had 19.2 average most others high 18's. Charles took something before we hit the last part of 842 and he powered up 842 but Jason took the overall with a decent lead. Charles I need some of what you took for the next ride. Next Sunday I will just post the ride as Sunday Hammer Fest.
Road 2009-07-25 Saturday B+ Mike V. 6   40 A very manageable group of six riders headed south towards Delaware. Some storm-related debris on Rte. 100 past Rte. 1, but other than some wet spots, the roads were pretty nice. Came up through Kennett on 82 towards Unionville where Mark "The Wall" and George "The Bulgarian Missile" pulled us down 842. Ended up with 17.2 at the top of 842. Not too shabby.

Good ride everyone!
Road 2013-04-10 Wednesday C+C Cassandra hogue 6   25 First Posted C ride of the 2013 season. Weather was record setting 86deg. No problems, i hope everyone had a good time. I intend to have regular Wednesday am C rides, that are real "training rides" (sprints, hill work, and pushing the pace....not all on one ride :)
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