Type Date Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
Road 2007-04-08 Sunday B+B Frank Duli ... 7   36 7 brave souls came out for the Easter Day ride in the howling winds and chilly temperatures to take on the VA Hospital Switch Back and cruise all the way back to Downingtown........Did I mention that Alison got to see "The Tree" on the in-town loop?
Road 2007-04-07 Saturday A-B+ steve petchon 10   42 cold light wind. left w 10 came home w 10
Road 2007-04-07 Saturday B Supplee, Oleck 13   34 It was great to have Tony and Pete with us today, but they constantly complemented each other on their riding ability!!!!!
Road 2007-04-07 Saturday TRAIN Mike Van Ryn, Fra ... 3   34 Group of 3 including 2 ride leaders. Caught up with the B group and laughed all the way home. No wonder they have such a large group.
MTB 2007-04-07 Saturday A-B+ Dan Sabella 7   14 French Creek Ride
Road 2007-04-05 Thursday Night A-B+ kevin,greg,bryan,allison 4   25 cold and windy. beautiful day to ride
Road 2007-04-05 Thursday Night B Tim 1   24 Windy and cold.
Road 2007-04-03 Tuesday Night A-B+ kevin coombe 6   28 fast, fast,fast 20 + avg.
Road 2007-04-03 Tuesday Night A-B+ Sue Mrugal, Dan Sabella 4   25 #90 Hill Climb-Average 16.4- (One Cable Problem)
Road 2007-04-03 Tuesday Night B Tim Cruciano 3   25 A couple of hills with a 16.4 avg.
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