Type Date Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
  2009-06-13 Saturday B- Frank 14   44 left town with 13. Dropped 1 to Jane's group and picked up 2 more along the way. Did Eileen have too much coffee this morning. She was off the front of the group as soon as we left town. Did not see rain until half way across N. Creek Rd as we were coming back into town. Another good group and excellent ride.
  2009-08-23 Sunday TRAIN Grant Davis 10   50 17.2 mph avg.
  2010-04-11 Sunday All Cleanup crew 10   0 A good turnout made for a quick but thorough cleanup of the entire span of "our" road, followed by a relaxing ride, right on schedule-all that and a beautiful day! Many thanks to all who helped.
  2010-04-24 Saturday B- Frank 17   39 17 riders inclulding 5 new to the club, 7 women and a splash of the regulars. What a great day. Perfect temperatures, lots of sun and only one mechanical (flat) that I know about. Went off the cue sheet for a rest stop at the park in Kennett. Two deer crossed the road in front of us and then turned back across the road again.
  2010-05-08 Saturday B- Frank 15   43 Turned out to be a really nice day in spite of the dark clouds at the start and when we past through Coatesville. Bright and sunny by the time we got back to West Chester. Feel sorry for those who bailed and didn't do a ride. It all worked out fine.
  2010-07-24 Saturday B Frank 25   40 Left town with 22 and picked up 3 riders before we got too far out of town. Group split into two with Tim taking the crew who wanted to go faster. No drops that I know of. Definitely a good call on doing a shorter ride in the heat. Will it ever end? "Maybe by November", says I!
  2010-08-14 Saturday   WCCC 0   0 Parking lot cleanup: Thanks to all that contribute made quick work of the task. We pick up a lot of glass. Hope this will help cut down on the flats.
  2010-10-09 Saturday B Frank 10   39 Another wonderful Saturday to ride. My 30th Saturday ride of the year. A well matched group that stayed together for most of the ride. No mechanicals that I know of. Next Saturday I will be leading a Saturday, Pancake Breakfast ride.
  2010-12-22 Every Wednesday B- Frank 3   41 Large group of 3 riders (Frank, Jack S. and Charlie G.) headed out to do the MOdena-S. Coatesville loop. Chilly but not much wind. Actually was somewhat pleasant when the sun came out. Spotted the A- group ahead of us on Mortonville Rd coming back but could not catch up to them. Another great and 2nd day of Winter ride.
  2011-04-24 Sunday TRAIN Grant Davis 17   50 18.0 mph avg.
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