Type Date Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
Road 2007-03-20 Tuesday A-B+ Kevin Coombe, Dick Sabo 5   24 Hilly...the way we like it!
Road 2007-03-22 Thursday A-B+ Kevin Coombe, Dick Sabo 2   24 Cold rain the last 5 miles...brrrr
Road 2007-03-24 Saturday B- Mike Van Ryn 2   34 No reported problems other than wet roads
Road 2007-03-25 Sunday B Frank Dulin 6   43 One cable problem
Road 2007-03-25 Sunday A-B+ Viktor Ohnjec, Bryan Deeney 20   40 A sunny, breezy Sunday morning ride
Road 2007-03-27 Tuesday Night A-B+ Kevin Coombe, Dick Sabo 7   30 Fast, fading light
Road 2007-03-28 Wednesday B Frank Dulin 5   42 Nothing but a beautiful day.....Dan Herman, Jeff Kaplan, Kevin Finn, Doug Stagnaro...
Road 2007-03-29 Thursday Night A-B+ Gilbert Torres-Dick Sabo 8   25 Thursday Night Hill Workout- Sunny and Windy
MTB 2007-03-30 Friday B Alison Brown 5   10 We had a total of 5 riders at Marsh Creek. Great conditions and a beautiful night.
Road 2007-03-31 Saturday B Supplee, Graves 12   34 It was rumored that ride leader Tony was absent because he was having a $1,600 liposuction treatment
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