Type Date Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
Road 2009-09-19   B- Frank, Teresa 15   45 What a beautiful day! Took the 'crew" to visit Mt Cuba. "Have we missed any hills in Delaware", says Skip. "Delaware is mostly flat", says Frank. Good job Wendy! Oh, did I mention. Tony that 7 out of the 15 were woman.
Road 2010-07-17   B+B Susan 4   50 blazing hot and excellent companions. Welcome Brent back to Chester Co. - MIke from the ranks of triathletes and Monica a kick a** climber!
Road 2011-09-10   B+B Paul Graves & Jaime Torchiana
Cue 272
6   0 Prompt start, no mechanicals and no road issues to report. 6 riders (+1 baby via Christiana). Safety, good communication and although it looked ominous, no rain. Everyone survived Hepzibah!
Road 2012-08-18   A-B+ Mike V 2   104 Spent the week on LBI with the family enjoying the sun and surf. Fortunately, I was able to get some riding in as well. Normally, riding on LBI is mundane. It's pancake flat with either a headwind or tailwind or sometimes both. This year I met up with a cyclist from Morris Area Freewheelers (http://www.mafw.org/) and we spent a few days riding up and down the island together. Along the way we rode with a guy on a beautiful black Trek single-speed track bike who paced us around 25+ mph. I think we could have pushed 30 if it wasn't for the traffic and the stop lights every 1/2 mile or so. When we hit the north end of the LBI, he dropped us like we were riding Big Wheels.
MTB 2013-12-26   B_MTB Susan 3   2 great morning to be out.... got out before the trails melted to a road of mud.... FUN!!
Road 2014-04-05   A_19+ Steve E 8   0 Update from Tim H: I spoke with Jeff H. & his wife Lanie. Jeff is at Paoli hospital. He most likely suffered a concussion and has some abrasions , but thankfully he has no broken bones. Keep safe everyone.

Steve E: The Unfortunate truth about our sport is the fact that it is dangerous. Made even more so with the condition of our local training roads. I'm sad to report a few riders went down today as we were heading out for our training ride. 1 rider, in a precautionary manner, elected transport to a local hospital for an evaluation. I will let the concerned riders speak on their own behalf as to the nature of any injury sustained, but feel confident to say it was a cautionary/smart decision for and evaluation.

I know as a club we spend a lot of time talking about the safety of our rides, and the importance of the lead riders keeping the ride steady, and navigating around/pointing out obstacles. As the weather improves and the groups get bigger, please remember to never ride more than 2 abreast and stay as far from the middle of the road as safely feasible.
Road 2012-04-30 Every Monday B+B Judy & Neil Head 17   29 Great ride and good size group despite the threatening weather. Bonus was an encounter with a train at Wawaset. Avg 18.5 mph to the top of 842. Judy and Neil filling in for Gilbert. Thanks for everyone's help!
Road 2013-01-10 Every Thursday B+B Frank Weber 9   35 Weather very nice albeit a tad chilly for the 10AM start. No problems encountered. Cue was right at soccer fields to Broad Run, then to Goosetown to Modena and back. Good group of riders.
Road 2013-02-14 Every Thursday B+B Frank Weber 10   39 Took Apple Grove to Frog Hollow. Warm enough, but bikes and bikers got salty spray. Three of 10 had pre-elected for shorter ride so left us arounfpd Brandywine Creek. No mechanicals other than leaking rear tire at end. Felt great to be outside after weeks.
Road 2013-04-04 Every Thursday B- Frank Weber 5   38 Glorious to be out, group kept together nicely on this flat ride. Single file, good communications, no problems.
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