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  2010-08-14 Saturday   WCCC 0   0 Parking lot cleanup: Thanks to all that contribute made quick work of the task. We pick up a lot of glass. Hope this will help cut down on the flats.
Road 2010-11-06 Saturday   Jack 7   41 Chilly start but a great day! 16.6 pace kept us pushing, but lots of folks willing to pull. 1 new rider, Diane, beat us all up Frog Hollow and almost beat everyone up 842 into WC. Group stayed together very well which made for a good ride. Matt pushed us on Brandywine Drive. Christy was sick - we wish her a speedy recovery in time to ride next week - she was missed - should be warmer.
Road 2011-07-10 Sunday   Scott Olmsted 5   41 Hill Heaven or Hell? 4 flats, 2 mechanicals and we missed the picnic. When we finallay made it back, everyone came over for a few beers and a few trips down the slip'n'slide.
Road 2012-01-01 Sunday   the slow one - Libby 6   30 recovery ride for most of us, as we did 500 miles the previous week, averaged 16.54478733 and held it all the way up rt 842, climbed at least 5000 feet, but heck, it was just a recovery ride so no was complaining, lots of fun, the C ladies rock, back on the road tomorrow, going for 20K this yr, once we sober up from New years eve
Road 2012-05-19 Saturday   Cassandra Hogue 11   25 Shorter ride because we did more hills (cannery cue) than we have been riding in past. Everyone did fine, no issues, no drops. A new guy joined our group, Art, who just moved here from De.
Road 2012-05-26 Saturday   Frank 12   40 <style type="text/css"><br /> .colorBox5 {
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</style><div class="colorBox5">Ater reading Craig's report it must be flat and broken spoke day. We made it all the way to Brandywine Dr before our flat and almost to Rt 82 and Applegrove before our broken spoke. Both riders finished the ride with us. Left town with 11 and managed to pick up another rider along the way for some portion of the ride. Group stayed together for the most part with lots of pace line training on the way out. So nice to finally not get dropped on my own ride. ;^) ! Good to have Lisa and Melinda on the ride today. With all the humidty is was nice to be sitting at Iron Hill by 11:10 am and wait for the long distance riders to show.
Road 2013-03-16 Saturday   Frank 8   33 <style type="text/css"><br /> .colorBox5 {
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</style><div class="colorBox5">Are you shi&^% me? Any other job if you made that big of an error in your job you would be fired. But not the weatherman or weather internet site. Anyway... Left town with 8 and split into two groups. The second group included a tri 'bent. Just as we left the parking lot at 9 it started to snow flurry. That should have been our first clue. When we got to Mortonville it was really coming down so we turned around and headed home (Iron Hill) Ran into the first group on the way back in at Broad Run and Northbrook Rds. Amazing how many riders turned up at Iron Hill. Best estimate was 25 to 30 members. Bartenders said that the over/under was 12 riders. They were surprised.
Road 2013-04-14 Sunday   Jaime Torchiana & Paul Graves 3   34 Hilly ride out West and the wind was against us! No mechanicals, no drops.
Road 2013-04-27 Saturday   Jaime Torchiana & Paul Graves 13   40 This is what group riding can be! Tons of chatter, teamwork and emphasis on safety. We'll lead this group anytime! Detoured from cue to add 3 miles :-) A few dropped chains, but no flats. Avg 15.7
Road 2013-05-12 Sunday   Jaime Torchiana & Paul Graves 4   39 Beautiful day, averaged 15 MPH.
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