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Road 2016-02-20 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 19 12 31 What a great day to kick off, hopefully, the new season.  Left town and picked up two outside of town, including Tony O.  Great to see him riding again.  Can't brag about our group speed but can brag about the number of my group that turn up at Iron Hill.  12 of 19 today..  For awhile my group were the only ones in the bar.  We could have used a bit more sun today but temperatures were never a problem.  Only mechanical was a flat by one of the Ride Leaders that were in my group..  There were at least 5 ride leaders today.   Let the season begin!
Road 2016-02-27 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 18 10 31 Gorgeous but chilly day for a ride.  Plenty of sunshine to make it comfortable despite the mild winds.  Some ice along the way disguised as just water on Brandywine Creek Rd caused two minor spills.  Group stayed together and regrouped several times although as usual the pace picked up on the return.  New rider, Steve joined us today.  Left town with 18 and for once did not pick up anyone along the way.  My hats off to the three hardcore women that rode with the group today. 
Road 2016-03-05 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 7 6 31 Hey, where  were all the women from my group  today?  Did you  all ride to the Flower Show in Philly or what?  Fewest number of riders in my group since Jan 17, 2015 (4).  Really missed all my ladies.  Anyway, only got as far as just past Norhbrook before a flat.  Glad it was the only one on the ride.  Flats take a long time to change at cold temperatures.  Tires don't stretch much.  Returned to WC via S Wawaset passed the prison.  Beautiful sunshine for most of the ride which made it very comfortable  in spite of the chilly temperatures.  Can't wait until the temps are  in the  70's this week.
Road 2016-03-12 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 26 15 31 Outstanding Saturday to ride.  Temps in the 50's for the most part and sunshine for most of the ride.  Left town with 25 and picked up one more on the way.  For a very large group we were very well matched and stayed together for just about the whole ride.  Some new riders today including an old friend who I haven't ridden with in 17 years.  Talked him into coming back to IH.  He will be back and will probably join.  Oh, did I mention there were 9 women on the ride this week.  30 degrees last Saturday must have been the threshold.   Thanks to all who turned out today  and made my job very easy leading such a large group.  Thanks to Jan for sweeping. 
Road 2016-03-19 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 11 5 34

Brrrr  Last day of Winter.  Damp and chilly, no sun but still worth it to be out there.  Did the same route as Jack's group but never had to pick anyone up.  Strong ride back to town after the turn around point. Great group of riders and no mechanicals that I know of.  One new member and one new return from last week.  Thanks for coming out.  Hope you both continue to do so.  Can't wait for Spring to really arrive.

Road 2016-03-26 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 12 3 34 A very chilly morning for the first part of the ride.  Thanks for the Sun that kept it somewhat comfortable.  Left town with 11 but picked up a late comer at Shaw's Bridge.  Group warmed up after climbing 842 and doing the rollers to Wilson.  No mechanicals that I know of.  Have lead rides the last six Saturdays in a row now since February 20th.  Would like some warmer temps but would be satisfied the next couple of Saturdays with a day like today.
Road 2016-04-16 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 23 9 34 Great day for a fantastic ride.  Large group that stayed together pretty well on what I call the crippled, blind, crazy and rehap ride.  Had one rehap rider plus one rider on his first ride of the season who seamed to be suffering a bit especially after Misty Patch.  Amazingly no mechanicals for such a large group.  Hoping for some more Saturdays just like today.
Road 2016-04-30 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 13 4 39 Turned out to be a good day for a ride in spite of the ugly overcast start.  Good group with. a visiting rider from New Your state.  The group stayed together for the most  part.  It was good to see KC at The Whip when we stopped at our turn around point.  Could have used a little more sunshine but I'll take what we got.
Road 2016-05-14 Saturday B-_13-15 Frank 27 10 41
Ditto, Ditto and Ditto to all the reports of the best riding day  of this season.  The weather  really was perfect which accounted for all the riders that turned out today.  We left town with 25 and picked up a couple in route.  They were for warned of our route direction by a plant, new rider to the group.

Although a large group, we stayed together pretty well for the whole ride.  No mechanicals that I know of.  The  group included 10 women.  Eat your heart out fast groups. 

I will not be available the next two Saturdays to lead the B- group.  Will be back from Atlanta to post a ride on Saturday, June 4th.   Aloha !  or as they say in Atlanta, "y'all come back now, hear!"
Road 2016-06-04 Saturday B-_13-15 Frank 14 4 46 A bit humid but other than that it was a great dAY TO RIDE. No mechanicals that I know of.  Left town with 14 and then 1 turned around early.  Really good group of riders.  Started out to do 40 miles but ended up with 46.
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