Type Date Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
Road 2007-12-08 Saturday C+C Frank "Chicken" Dulin 0   0 We "punked" out...
Had lunch with Gilbert and Randy at Iron Hill... Where were you TonyO?
Road 2008-01-05 Saturday A-B+ Mike V 0   42 We left the lot with a huge group-some went down 842 while others rode down Sconnelltown Road to Birmingham to 842. My group of 10 headed south and picked up 4 more riders. We hammered down 100 across Rte 1 to Fairview Road. Went South on 52 into Delaware to 82. Met up with Viktor's group at the Landhope store in Kennett. Now we had a large group of riders-Viktor took a group down Butcher Hill while 5 of us jumped on 842 and hammered it to catch 3 riders from our group who split-off outside Kennett.
Avg. speed 17.2 for 42 miles-that's MAD riding for the 1st week of January!!!
Road 2008-04-12 Saturday All Many riders 0   63 Despite the weather reports of showers and T-showers, the day was perfect for riding the Taxing Metric. As usual, there was a strong WCCC presence this year. Some rode the first 1/2 while others plodded on and rode the full metric and some, due to navigational errors, rode more the the 63 miles. All in all, it was a great day to ride, regardless where you did it.
Road 2008-05-03 Saturday B+B Bob Morris 0   47 Great riding today! Everybody is strong already! Al, Bill, Phil, Carlos, "Red", and Malcolm all pulling up those hills. Craig, John, Linda, Marion, Heather, David all right in the pack and climbing well. Even Tony wasn't too far behind! Everybody sticking together and riding well. I never felt crowded even with 20 people. I made a vain attempt to beat Malcolm up 842. Fran, pacing herself all day, almost caught him! There's always next week!
Road 2008-05-26 Monday All WCCC 0   44 Many riders took advantage of the great weather and the day off to ride to Valley Forge for the annual Memorial Day Ride. Not sure of the actual number of riders since the group was so large when we left WC. Estimates put it around 35+ riders.

There were photo ops at the Vistor's Center and at the Arch. The return ride was spirited as the group natuarally split in to their respective levels.

Home in enough time to grill some burgers and dogs and throw back a few cold ones.
Happy Memorial Day everyone!
Road 2008-11-29 Saturday Super_B_ Mike V for Jack S 0   34 A fairly uneventful ride until the hill on Chestnut Lane. We had a small 'mishap' when two bike touched wheels. A bloody knee, some torn Lycra and a broken pedal were the first casualties. Later at the postmortem, it was discovered that the broken pedal was far more serious than originally thought. I appears the crank arm or the helicoil was damaged too.

Needless to say, the rider of this bike is not happy with this latest turn of events.
Road 2009-06-27 Saturday Super_B_ Bob Morris 0   0 This was the ride that wasn't! I got there before 8:15 but couldn't find a place to park in the lot. Most folks didn't see me and went off with Bob Lamb. I rode with Tim's group and had a great day. Hope everyone else did, too!
Road 2010-05-08 Saturday B+ Mike V and Mike N 0   46 Too many riders for one RL, so Mike N (sore back and all) graciously took a group and I took the rest after a brief stop at Northbrook. Libby, your 2 missing riders did end up with us until Unionville-then I did not see them again.

Not much to speak of until Bill R mangled his derailleur and chain on 82 in Delaware. We thought he just dropped his chain on a climb and soft-pedaled on 52 and waited for him in front of Garrison's bike shop in Greenville, but he never showed. Thinking he may have headed towards Rte 100 we decided to ride on. Turns out he had to call his wife because his bike was not rideable. Sorry Bill.
Fast return to WC meant an average speed of 16.6
Road 2010-06-13 Sunday All Various/None 0   0 Marion, Morten and I did 50. Had a great ride. Plenty o hills. Lots o' WCCC riders out today: Bryan, Christianne, Gilbert, Kathryn, and Gary. Ted took a bad slide and has the road rash to prove it. (He'll be ordering his new shorts this week.) Tom Hall got caught in the downpour. I think we had some other A folks out. Hope you all got in before the rains came. It was unbelievable!
  2010-08-14 Saturday   WCCC 0   0 Parking lot cleanup: Thanks to all that contribute made quick work of the task. We pick up a lot of glass. Hope this will help cut down on the flats.
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