Type Date Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
Road 2007-08-09 Thursday Night A-B+_15-19 PYufoE http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOu ... 889 0 0 PYufoE http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
Road 2007-12-08 Saturday C+C Frank "Chicken" Dulin 0   0 We "punked" out...
Had lunch with Gilbert and Randy at Iron Hill... Where were you TonyO?
MTB 2007-12-08 Saturday C_MTB Mike V. 1   0 Slide Show
Road 2008-01-19 Saturday A- The Spin Instructor 3   0 Randy R., Mike V., and John D. went spinning at Level 5 Fitness in Malvern instead of riding. No windchill, no salt, no gravel-just some serious sweat after 2 hours of spinning. No drops, no flats and there were women in the class too!

If the weather is nasty, taking is a spinning class is much better than riding on a trainer while you watch ESPN.
Road 2008-04-06 Sunday A-B+ Borel 9   0 Thanks to all who helped with the WCCC adopt a highway litter clean up.You did a great job and I commend you for helping on such a soggy morning. Many thanks again!!! Garth Borel
Road 2008-10-04 Saturday All WCCC 25   0 A great big "Thank You!" to all those souls who helped clean the lot of trash, glass and other nasty bits.
Road 2009-04-18 Saturday Super_B_ Bob M. 7   0 What a great day at the Taxing Metric! Steve P was ready to ride once he took off his pajamas. He and Garth took off after the first mile. The rest of us climbed as best we could. Marion was a beacon of loveliness in her orange outfit. Mike expressed particular affection for Pumpkin Hill. Becky goofed off/volunteered in the AM and so set a blistering pace in the afternoon. Tim showed up and she went even faster! Tom Hall was out there with a well healed collarbone and ribs, I hope. Food, cue sheets and markings were all excellent. Having consulted with several experts I can now proclaim that we had a tailwind for exactly .7 miles.
Road 2009-06-27 Saturday Super_B_ Bob Morris 0   0 This was the ride that wasn't! I got there before 8:15 but couldn't find a place to park in the lot. Most folks didn't see me and went off with Bob Lamb. I rode with Tim's group and had a great day. Hope everyone else did, too!
TRI-Swim/Run/Bike 2009-09-20 Sunday CC-10-13 ghpg1r 933 0 0 ghpg1r jadpjjspxflh, [url=http://myxjsqgecdau.com/]myxjsqgecdau[/url], [link=http://gmgaywzpdnfl.com/]gmgaywzpdnfl[/link], http://pkbxsdjisttk.com/
Road 2009-10-31 Saturday Super_B_ Bob Morris 2   0 Ed Wheeler was the only other rider to show up for the 9:30 start. We had a "heated discussion" for an hour before we decided to wuss out and go home. The FAA will investigate.
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