Type Date  Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
Road 2017-12-17 Sunday B+B_14-17 Mike Dirks 15 0 48 Moist start, dry finish. One flat thanks to a pot hole.
Hike 2017-12-16 Saturday All Michelle Ballard 6 0 4 Six skiers showed up at the Stroud Preserve for a morning of cross country skiing. The conditions were decent but we took our time and lots of photos. Keith, from Kennett, was decked out in super cool retro gear and Chris Coccia graciously supplied apres ski hot chocolate. No mechanicals :-) Next time there's snow, we'll do this again!

Road 2017-12-12 Tuesday B-_13-15 Kim Slocum 9 0 34
Surprisingly nice day for December!  We headed for Coatesville from Shaw's Bridge.  Thanks to a mental hiccup by the ride leader, everyone got an extra two miles of flat riding today.  Relatively easy route with most of climbing early--and with what wind there was at our backs.  We did get to see two blue herons flying together--a fairly unusual sight, along with a cat perched on an upper story room air conditioner protruding from a window.  One of our riders treated the group to freshly baked banana bread post-ride.  One minor mechanical (mine) but it was quickly resolved.  Good pace--14 mph.  Overall a very pleasant ride.
ZWIFT 2017-12-12 Tuesday Night A-B+_15-19 Steve Karaszkiewicz 4 0 28 Phil, Greg and Gary joined me on the Zwift Watopia Volcano Circuit for a 10 lap ride.  We started with a 2.0 - 2.5 w/kg pace and raised the pace by 0.1 w/kg each lap.  The 9th lap started to unhinge the group, but Phil stuck with me, and on the 10th lap we both dug deep into the red.  I edged him out by 1 second at the finish line, but man I just could not drop him until the last few hundred meters!  Thanks to those three guys for showing up!

This ride is a perfect introduction to group riding in Zwift.  Whether you're using a standard trainer + power meter or a smart trainer, it's a very tame course because there isn't much elevation and each lap is only 2.6 miles.  The slow increase in pace is manageable as your legs have a lot of time to warm up and adjust to the effort.  The benefit of the draft is also very noticeable when the pace is steady.  If you're looking into joining Zwift or new to it then please consider joining us in the future on Tuesday nights.   The ride started at 7 PM tonight, but it may start earlier or later depending on availability of the cyclists who can attend.  If you have any questions about Zwift do not hesitate to ask me.
ZWIFT 2017-12-11 Monday Night B+B_14-17 Gilbert Torres 4 0 19 A good start for the Winter ZWIFT Season. More regular rides to come.
Road 2017-12-09 Saturday Super_B_17+ Deron Jester 3 0 37 First half peaceful and quiet. Second half wet and cold. No rest stop, no mechanicals. All home safe. 
Road 2017-12-07 Thursday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 13 0 30 Back to our "Winter Route" - Chadds Ford-Fairville-DE-Kennett Rite Aid. The starting temperature was 28 at SBP but it eventually rose to 43. This was a fairly routine ride until we were interrupted by a fox hunt on Route 842 near Marlborough Spring. We were surrounded by barking dogs and two gentlemen on horses wearing fancy pants and red jackets. It spiced up the morning.
Road 2017-12-07 Thursday B_14-16 Frank Weber 7 0 47 We did cue #118 - Brandywine Rollers... who thought Rock Raymond was a roller anyhow.  It was quite cold to start and although the sun came out we still were great full for the “Rollers” to keep us warm.  No mechanicals, Group hung together, beautiful day in spite of the temperature.
Road 2017-12-05 Tuesday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 8 0 29

"The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." No, Robin Leach was not with us this morning, we toured Malvern and Willistown without a guide. After experiencing the traffic on King Road we turned our attention to the "high rent district" of Grubb Road. Incredibly beautiful homes for several miles. If you like outdoor Christmas decorations, let us call your attention to the corner of Dutton Mill and Manley Roads. You have to see it to believe it.

Rain threatened all morning but we never got wet and the temperature was a balmy 55. Not bad for December.

Road 2017-12-03 Sunday B_14-16 Ben C 8 0 30 Calm December morning for a ride in northern Chester County.  Eight riders, lots of chatter, no drama (except for Lee's drivetrain), and coffee.  Attempted a recovery pace and mostly failed with several riders above the 16 mph upper limit and most in the high 15s.  A special welcome to two new Reservoir Dogs today!
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