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Road 2018-02-21 Wednesday Super_B_17+ Mike DeFranco 4 0 22 First I would like to thank Cristy for meeting Carl, Steve K, Obi, and myself at the parking lot to wish us good ride and take our picture.

WOW WHAT AN INCREDIBLE DAY TO RIDE A BIKE. Even with the route being shortened because the ride leader got a front flat from all the debris in the roads. Just a beautiful springtime ride in February. Honestly, the ride stats do not matter considering how much enjoyment we all felt. I have never had such a fun 20 mile ride. The hard part is going back on rollers/trainer. Thank you guys for joining me. It was great to share the day with you.
Road 2018-02-20 Tuesday B+B_14-17 Frank Weber 7 0 46 Ah, so nice to be out again.  Roads were wet but sun finally came out and it got HOT - yippee!  Group very tight today, excellent workout.  Only a flat tire encroached on our otherwise joyous day.
Road 2018-02-20 Tuesday B-_13-15 Kim Slocum 11 0 36 Another warm--if wet--morning.  Despite some mist in the air we had a big crew today.  Some of our folks are pointing toward event rides in April so we did a bit more challenging route and headed out to Triple Fresh.  We were doing well until we reached the metal grate bridge on Doe Run Road.  One of our riders went down on the wet metal and incurred injuries (contusion to the forehead requiring stitches, a broken wrist and bone bruises).  Thankfully we had a Good Samaritan in a pickup truck stop and offer to take our injured rider to the hospital.  Another rider accompanied him (with both bikes in the back of the truck).  I've heard from the rider following his treatment and he should make a full recovery.  Apart from this incident, we completed the ride at around 14 mph with no further issues.
Road 2018-02-19 Monday B+B_14-17 Caesar 2 0 46 The gray skies and moisture kept all of you retired and civil servants home  except my candidate for President- Bob Morris. He rode strong and disappeared at every hill, I even let him pirate the route coming into town (never again though ....I hate 162).  Deep Throat was never seen he must like hanging down in Washington where he just continues to follow the money, can't blame him. Minor mechanical at start (rubbing brakes) and a few droplets as we came into town. The route is a keeper, it included three pearls in Monacy, Pratt's Dam and Hurley. We did have to get on Struble trail for a stretch because of a 282 closure. Pace was a tad under 15 with over 3000'. As usual.....may the spokes be with you.
Road 2018-02-17 Saturday A-B+_15-19 Doug, Mike W, Viktor 24 15 47 Unity Ride
The idea was simple - get two groups and ride together. We liked it so much that when Mike Woolley told Doug he was going to add the Super B ride, the thought was, "Great - the more the merrier". Well, we had a great turn out on a super-sunny, but slightly windy and cool ride. Yes, for much of the ride, we were unified (or re-unified at the rest stop) and as is often the case, exuberance resulted in some gaps between subgroups, but what the heck - no snow, no rain, no issues and lots of great, happy riders. Yes, that's what Unity is all about. 
Road 2018-02-17 Saturday B+B_14-17 Mike Kress 9 4 34 We all were really happy the weather turned in our favor -- lots of sun and mostly protected from the wind.   We went out of WC a bit different - south on New St - and hit very little traffic which was nice (I think about these things and was worried about that).   The group stuck together the whole way - Dr Phil up front, and moi in the back.    Welcomed Metello to the group - join us any time!  I made a route audible on the way out and then again on the way back to finish with 30+ miles.   Everyone loved going up Northbrook to the market, I am sure.  Let's do this again!

Let's hope Winter never ends.
Road 2018-02-17 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 10 4 27 Short simple out and back ride on a surprisingly sunny day although a little chilly and windy.  A well matched group stayed together for the ride and thanks to the quick flat change expert for expediting the situation.  I did miss going to IH, can you believe that, for a good purpose.  Anybody from the group go?  Warmer weather arriving this week, so YEA!
Road 2018-02-13 Tuesday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 8 0 33 Another cold start but we're a hearty  bunch. In an effort to avoid icy roads we kept it simple and headed up to Exton, then took the CVT to Wegman's. We encountered a major ice patch at one of the many Swedesford Road underpasses so we elected to get off and walk. Even walking was an adventure as there was ice below the standing water. The CVT could use a Zamboni. Any ride is a good ride.
ZWIFT 2018-02-11 Sunday A-B+_15-19 Steve Karaszkiewicz 8 0 32 8 of us managed to somewhat stick together in Zwift for a recovery ride.  The pace was steady, but we'll probably dial back the effort a little bit more on future Sundays.  Come join us some time when it's a miserable day outside.
Road 2018-02-10 Saturday B+B_14-17 Viktor & Michelle 6 2 60 Yorktowne 60
We started a bit earlier thanks to above freezing weather and the threat of rain by afternoon and were chased by a few raindrops near the end, but no issues, no mechanicals. Michelle picked the route and with over 3600 feet of climbing, a pretty strong 15.5 or so average. Well done all!
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