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Road 2017-06-27 Tuesday B_14-16 Frank Weber 8 0 48 Delightful weather (especially after New Orleans & tropical storm Cindy), cue 200 took us to Downingtown, lil Washington, and the VA.  No mechanicals, just fun and camaraderie. 
Road 2017-06-27 Tuesday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 11 0 30 The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ride. Robin Leach did not appear on today's trip. This route takes us through the upscale neighborhoods of Willistown TWP including Grubb Road, Radnor Hunt Club, Sugartown and Dutton Mill. It affords us the opportunity to ride in a part of Chester County we don't often see. Several of us had post-ride lunch at La Baguette Magique. Excellent. 
Road 2017-06-25 Sunday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel 4 0 33 Our group had riders all over the place today. Many were participating in the CC Cancer Tour; others could be found at Bike Virginia. Four riders appeared at Northbrook Market for a routine figure eight route to Hockessin with Kennett thrown in twice. Kevin (who rode with Mike Kress yesterday) calmed his ride down and brought the lovely Meredith for her first ride of the year. Rob and I are more than twice their ages so we kept them under control by not revealing turns in advance. This kept us together very nicely. No unusual activity to report. It was all business as usual.
Road 2017-06-25 Sunday B_14-16 Jack 15 0 50 Picture perfect weather day to support the efforts to conquer cancer. Kim and I combined rides again this year and it worked out very well - I think many established PR's on this ride today. We left with about 25 riders in total (hard to get a really good count) and 3 or 4 of our stronger riders pushed ahead in the early hills, not to be seen until the picnic. We were successful to some degree in keeping the balance together but did still split at times. The faster group averaged a very respectable 16 mph. The women in the faster group seemed determined to push the pace and certainly did a disproportionate amount of pulling. It was great. From where we turned left to head toward Unionville (after the mid point rest stop) the group stayed together and probably averaged 22/23 until the rest stop. Great ride, thanks to the riders who made it easy to lead - leading the Cancer Ride is always a challenge but this year was the best.
Road 2017-06-25 Sunday A-2_17-19 Mike DeFranco 12 0 63 What an incredible day for the Challenge for Cancer Ride. Our group made it more challenging by pushing to close to 19 mph average and close to 4k feet climbing. Only mechanical was the Ride Leader having two separate flats. Thank you Jim for the long valve tube. Very appreciated.

A special thanks to the Ride organizers that put on event that as  a well oiled machine  (bike). And to the volunteers, an awesome job!! Thank you for you motivation and up beat spirit. Congratulations to all the survivors.
Road 2017-06-25 Sunday B+B_14-17 Viktor 4 0 50 Challenge for Cancer
Although this report is technically for the ride I started at 8:30AM with John, Les and Chris, it was great to see so many WCCC members at the CCCC this year! The weather was perfect, the route was excellent (including brand new pavement along Marshall) and after ride food/drink and festivities were awesome! Thank you to all the ride leaders who posted for the CCCC and to all the riders for making the CCCC one of the best ever. I'll have specific numbers in the future but know that you made a difference and it is appreciated!!
Road 2017-06-25 Sunday B+15-17 Larissa 5 0 50 Sunday Recovery Ride. No mechanicals, no drama, just a pleasant, dry Sunday morning ride.
Road 2017-06-24 Saturday B_14-16 Viktor 14 6 65 Nickel Mines - The Easy Way
Easy course made a bit tougher thanks to a good headwind for the first half of the ride. Kudos to Maria, Michelle, Larissa, Stephanie and Lady Di for an excellent ride and thanks to all who joined. See you tomorrow at the Cancer ride!
Road 2017-06-24 Saturday Super_B_17+ Deron Jester 22 5 48 Surprisingly there was no A- ride today so as a default the super B ride had about 65% A- riders so you can guess what happened.  Everyone settled in after the first few miles and worked well together with regroups at stop signs and hill tops which was fine since many were trying to save some for Sunday's ride.  One rider slipped and crashed on wet turn at the bottom of 842 and has a few scrapes but his bike is fixed and he will have fresh legs for Sunday.  One mechanical on 841 going down towards the whip so the guys in front had no idea until we regrouped at the whip.   One last regroup before Embryville then the front 8 were off to the races.  One mis turn after the rest stop shaved a few miles off but no one was complaining.  18.6 AVG.
Road 2017-06-24 Saturday B+B_14-17 Mike Kress 12 4 46 Thanks to all who came out today.   I delayed the ride for 1+ hrs to let the roads dry and I gained as many riders as I lost probably.   This was an easy (flat) route, the intention was to save legs for Sunday.   The group stayed together very well and we only broke up on 842 as Mal & team had some legs left.   Welcome to a new rider, Kevin, who fit right in helped keep the ride cohesive.   Finished right at the posted range for speed and climb -- success.

Let's hope summer never ends.
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