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Road 2017-08-17 Thursday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 14 0 38
Nice day for a ride--not too hot, humid, or windy.  Good opportunity for a "tune-up" prior to the Lancaster Covered Bridge Classic on Sunday so we chose a route that mimics that terrain.  We wound up riding about half a metric century and doing about half the climbing (2,000 feet).  We went to Kennett Square the hard way (Route 842, 82, Butcher Hill, Green Valley, Wilson, Lamborntown, McCue, Byrd, and Pemberton).  For good measure, we added in the Chandler Mill/Marshall Bridge loop to get to our 38 miles.  Group hung together pretty well, no mechanicals or problems of any kind.  Good pace today 14.4 mph--great ride all around.
Road 2017-08-16 Wednesday Night B+15-17 Lee and Marty 7 0 30 The route was a bit less hilly than last week, but the pace was a bit quicker.  16.7 mph average.  2,100 feet of climbing.  Seven strong riders.  
Road 2017-08-16 Wednesday Night A_19+ Mike DeFranco 12 0 30 The normal high tempo with mid 21 average and only dropped a few riders. One driver, I will say misjudged our pace on Brandywine and tried beat the group while they tried to leave their driveway. The experience of the group avoided both any casualties or confrontations. Great job by all and thank you for the safe, fun ride.
Road 2017-08-16 Wednesday Night Super_B_17+ Tim Cruciano 12 0 30 We started with 11 and picked up one from Mike's group.  Everyone rode strong and together tonight until the last hill.  It was probably one of the most cohesive groups we had this year.  I had an average of 18.8 at the end.  Thanks to everyone for coming out!
Road 2017-08-15 Tuesday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 7 0 16 If we didn't have such a good time our 16-mile ride wouldn't be worth reporting. We diligently danced between the rain drops and hid on the porch at the Broad Run Golf Course Clubhouse when things started to get serious. In an odd reversal of democracy, 3 out-voted 4 and the minority ruled as we decided to turn back (or did we?). That's how this country works sometimes.
Road 2017-08-13 Sunday B+15-17 Marty 7 0 30 The group was seven in size.  We stayed together for most sections of the route.  Double pace lines for much of it.  Single pace lines when needed.  Traffic was, as usual, very light.  We came in a  little above the advertised pace at 17.1 mph.  
Road 2017-08-13 Sunday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 9 0 33 Our normal Sunday ride but with a smaller than normal group. Today's crew hung together well enough to receive advice on healthcare reform and financial planning without slowing down to take notes. You don't want to be off-the-back on these topics. If you schmooze - you lose.
Road 2017-08-13 Sunday A-_17-19 Mike DeFranco 10 0 50 Okay, so I will start with saying with my first peddle stroke this morning, I did not feel like riding. Too many Iron Hill Canniballs make a nice hangover. But that quickly changed because of an awesome group of riders keeping pace slightly quicker than expected but tolerable. Also great conversation along the way taking in the many picturesque views on an incredible day. The ride reminded me how lucky we all are of were we live, West Chester PA, the cycling mecca of the mid Atlantic.

PS Thanks again to everyone for a safe and fun ride. And paying attention to the conditions and my direction.  All group rides should be like today.
Road 2017-08-13 Sunday B_14-16 Viktor 10 0 50 Sunday Ride
Are we really in August? Today's ride included low humidity, clear, blue skies and no mechanicals or issues what-so-ever. 15.3 mph average by the end, so a touch higher than the target, but well within the range. Kudos to Becky, Michelle and Lady Di for not blowing the doors off the ride and to all who joined - thank you! Super special thanks to all who volunteered for last night's criterium. We avoided any weather issues with only a few drips from the sky near the end of the women's pro race, but a flawless evening of racing thanks to a great turnout of WCCC members!
Road 2017-08-12 Saturday A-2_17-19 Deron Jester 5 2 50 A few more hills than my usual posting gave us 3400 ft of climbing.  Everyone stayed well together and regrouped at hill tops when needed.  A missed turn near the end led one rider and one chaser on a flatter course home which is totally fine and Im sure they made it back safe.  Many thanks to Phil, Voiku, Greg and Justin for joining.  18.5 AVG.
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