Type Date  Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
Road 2018-01-21 Sunday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 14 0 31 Our first Sunday ride of the year. We avoided wet bridges and RR tracks by going to Jennersville taking our break at Starbucks. The group stayed together very well which is important for any meaningful in-ride conversations - and there were many. Most of the discussions were in the form of catching up with each other after such a long absence. However, we did dissect the gov't. shutdown issue and decided the best solution is leave it closed permanently. To all those in DC reading this ride report, don't let the screen door hit you on the way out.
Road 2018-01-21 Sunday B+B_14-17 Mike Dirks 12 0 50 Pleasant mid-winter ride. No issues. 
Road 2018-01-20 Saturday B_14-16 Mike Kress and Alan Brooks 18 9 37 A big group on a beautiful day.   Stayed together through most of the ride. Those who were stronger took it easy on those who weren't. No incidents to report.  Hoping for continued warm weather and more frequent riding. 
Road 2018-01-20 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 11 5 27 At last we got to ride.  Felt really good to be on my bike again.  Short little out and back ride to kick off the season.  11 riders to start including 5 women and 6 men.  Finished with 10 because Tony had a hard time maintaining the C+ pace.  What will the rest of the Winter bring? Today was the first time I have been on a bike since Dec 20th and the first Saturday ride since Dec 2nd.
Road 2018-01-20 Saturday A-_17-19 Tonetti and Obie 20 4 63 We had a big group today and the course was a winner.  Keep that one in mind for summer.  Everyone was excited to be outside after so much bad weather so things did get a little spirited at times.  No incidents mechanical or otherwise.  
Road 2018-01-20 Saturday B_14-16 Viktor 7 4 63 Obie Sweep
Only picked up one person, but definitely went slower than the lead group - and loved every minute of the ride!  No mechanical or other issues and although it started a bit nippy, it ended as nearly t-shirt weather (even if a bit breezy). Thanks to all who joined.
Road 2018-01-20 Saturday B+15-17 Bob Morris 13 6 41 Almost everyone on the ride was an A- rider so the B+ pace went out the window pretty quicky!
Still it was great to see everyone after three weeks of cabin fever! We all rode together well and safely. Stopped to regroup and let the Ride Leader catch up. Quick stop in Kennett. No mechanicals. Average speed of 17.4.   Fabulous ride, especially for January!
Road 2018-01-13 Saturday B+B_14-17 Caesar 3 2 30 You Gotta Believe! 3 WCCC believers used a perfect  window in the weather to get outdoors and put 30 miles (1,600') under our belt. Dry conditions except a few spots, no ice, just some leftover road salt and cinder, but enough wind to hold our speed at 14mph. Alan was outnumbered by two native speaking Italians ( Cesare and Metello) which is inspiring him to try out for "The Godfather goes to Wilmington" mini series. Honorable mention goes to Chris L. for stopping by the parking lot and supporting our decision to ride.

 As always.... "May the Spokes be with you"
ZWIFT 2018-01-13 Saturday A-B+_15-19 Steve Karaszkiewicz 5 0 55 Well we had another really successful group ride in Zwift this Saturday.  Four other cyclists joined me as we rode 55 miles together smoothly and together.  We even managed to keep it together on the climbs with a decently hard effort.  More Zwift rides will be coming in the future, so I hope to see you all out there.
Road 2018-01-11 Thursday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 9 0 30 We haven't ridden as a group since Christmas Eve. After 3 weeks of ridiculously cold weather, today seemed like spring. The wet roads were reasonably passable but we, nevertheless, experienced 2 falls on wet tracks and a flat tire. Flats seem to occur move often on wet roads when things seem to adhere to the tires. We were grateful for the mild weather and the ability to ride together after such a long layoff.
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