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Road 2017-05-23 Tuesday B_14-16 Frank Weber 9 0 51 Hotdog!  Cue 334 is a wonderful route taking us on new terrain once past Little Washington.  You even get to go down Hillsdale (a much better direction, although their are other rollers to make up for that).  Great group, sun tried to come out, great route.  A few of the riders even had a hotdog, but most waited for Michelle's Apple cake (YUM).
Road 2017-05-23 Tuesday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 13 0 49
Rode from Shaw's Bridge to the end of the CVT in King of Prussia (and back) today.  Not a lot of elevation change (~1,500 feet total) but a good deal of steady "endurance" riding.  We had two riders to needed to turn back for home early due to calendar conflicts but the rest of the group hung together very well.  No mechanicals or problems of any sort.  Average pace for the morning was a relatively speedy (for us)14.6 mph--but that's not too surprising given the flat terrain and the fitness of our riders at this stage of the season. Great ride!
Road 2017-05-21 Sunday A-B+_15-19 Mike DeFranco 8 0 50 A very cohesive group of eight worked so well together to produce a 18+ average speed. No issues or mechanicals. Thank you to all who joined. And special thanks to Mike B for making sure I did not get a littering fine when something fell out of my jersey.
Road 2017-05-21 Sunday B-C+_12-15 Bill Siegel 21 0 33 We split into two groups this morning. This made it much easier to manage a wide range of riding capabilities comfortably. Thanks to Lucy and Suzette for leading the stronger, larger group of 16. Everyone took the usual Sunday route through Kennett to the Wawa in Hockessin. The larger group returned via the Brackenville downhill. The smaller group of 6 selected the scenic route through Hartefeld Golf Course.
Road 2017-05-21 Sunday B_14-16 Viktor 16 0 50

Sunday Ride

Yeah, it was great! Cool temps, dry roads, little wind (until a bit later) and a group that stayed together and at 15 mph. Life is good! Thanks to all who joined and Congrats to Grant for being the Over-Under winner this week and to Susan, Michelle, Larissa and Mary Anne for not dropping the rest of the group! You all rock!!

Road 2017-05-21 Sunday C+C_11-14 Charlot 6 0 31 I asked Bill and Kim if they'd send me their Sunday Northbrook route and Bill did one better than that, he joined our group and showed us the way!  What a kind and welcoming club we are.

We had a fantastic ride and I kept thinking that I was so happy to be on a bike with this fine bunch on a perfect Sunday morning.

Here's my mapping of the route.
Road 2017-05-20 Saturday B+B_14-17 Jaime torchiana 3 0 47 Avg 16.8, not bad for hilly,  windy ride. 
Fred left 1/2 way through ride, nervous for rain and hamstring issue. Tony O passed us in his car (only way he could pass us :-) ) saying all other rides were cx.
No mechanicals, no drops. 
Road 2017-05-20 Saturday B_14-16 Viktor & Michelle 9 8 70

Training Ride

Sadly the originally planned Port Deposit century had to be postponed when a brief but heavy downpour occurred 15 minute before the scheduled start time. Whereas some wanted to go anyway, they were convinced that cold, windy and overcast days are not ideal for a lunch on the river. Instead we traveled 70 mellow miles at 15 mph average in a mostly westerly direction.  No rain outside of the mentioned downpour. No drops, no mechanicals, no whiners - just a lot of fun and yes, some wind. Thanks to all who joined and expect a reschedule of Port Deposit as well as a good recovery pace tomorrow. Oh, and retirees, put Pedaling4Paws on your calendar and contact me about details. You've got the time and you know you want to ride to Canada...

Road 2017-05-20 Saturday A-_17-19 Craig 13 0 61 Turned out to be a nice day to ride except for the wind. Roads were only wet for the first 5 miles or so but quickly dried out as we headed southwest with a fairly nice tailwind most of the way. That all changed after the rest stop, when we headed northeast directly into fairly strong headwinds. Group stayed together well most of the ride which helped with the wind. No mechanicals and only one minor rear wheel slide on the RR tracks on S. Wawaset. Finished with an 18.1 average and 3,700+/- ft. of climbing. Thanks to all who joined today.
Road 2017-05-20 Saturday Super_B_17 Bob Morris 9 3 52 Great ride today just by waiting 15 minutes for the rain to stop. Roads dried up promptly.
Left town as one group with Steve K. Then split into 2 groups when we got to Red Lion Rd.
Lost the Kestrel Couple unfortunately. The overcast skies kept the temperature inthe 60s, perfect. Everybody really pitched in today with the work up front:Brad, Sean, Gregg, Justin, Don, (Phil rode with us for the first half then jumped to Steve's group at the rest stop. Beautiful route. Thanks guys for a safe ride and thanks to Morten for coming back and pulling me in when we lost Sean and Brad. They took a different route but got home safely.
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