Type Date Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
Road 2018-03-18 Sunday B+15-17 Ben C 7 0 30 7 riders on another cool, sunny morning. No drama other than a couple of dropped chains. One detour (a hill) was allowed, causing the second detour to be vetoed. Six for coffee, zero for recovery. Good ride - good group.
Road 2018-03-18 Sunday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 15 0 33 Our regular Sunday trip to Kennett, Hockessin, Brackenville and back through Kennett then coffee at the Northbrook launching (and lunching) point. We witnessed a simultaneous chain drop on Mill Road. It was peculiar to see 2 riders restoring their chains in the middle of the road at the same moment. Brackenville Road and Route 82 in DE (near the RR crossings) still had icy spots in the shaded areas.
Road 2018-03-18 Sunday B+15-17 Mike Dirks 13 0 50 Unexpected patch of ice outside of Chadds Ford  on a curving descent safely traversed by all woke us up, but otherwise drama-free pleasant ride on a beautiful Sunday AM. Thank you to the numerous strong riders who kept it a civilized pace.
Road 2018-03-17 Saturday B+B_14-17 Mike Kress 19 6 38 A little colder than last week, but still a nice sunny day.   Excellent group with a few faces I haven't seen for a while -- welcome back!   No incidents other than a dropped water bottle and dropped saddle bag.   Glad everyone came out - see you next week.

Let's hope Winter ends this week.
Road 2018-03-17 Saturday B+B_14-17 Viktor 12 0 54 St Patrick's Day 3 Leaf Clover Ride
The ride was 3 loops that all met at a center point and the result was a 3 leaf clover - which isn't a bad way to spend a St. Patrick's Day AM. Now don't you wish you were on the ride with us? No issues, no incidents, no whining. Thanks to all who joined!
Road 2018-03-17 Saturday B-C+_12-15 Frank 11 5 31


Very Happy to get a ride in today even if it was very windy a little chilly.  The inactivity for me the last couple of weeks was  really apparent  the last 8 miles of the ride.  A very good group of riders that braved the elements and enjoyed the ride for me.  We did and out into a head wind and back with a tail wind to West Bradford Park off of Broad Run Road.  Bob L. stole all the women from the group to put in some extra miles after the break at WBP.   Looking forward to some more consistent riding weather after all it is almost Spring. Yea right!

Road 2018-03-17 Saturday A-_17-19 Brian and Doug 12 0 55 The hat trick ride.  The three sisters, three flats, and three dropped chains...   It was a surprisingly cold start with a bit of wind.  Was much nicer by the end.  We took on the hills today.  Frankly, it was surprising to see the fitness of many in the group.  We regrouped as needed.  No issues other than those mentioned mechanicals and loosing track of 1 rider as a side-effect of the time waiting for tube changes.  
Road 2018-03-15 Thursday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 8 0 33 The Bakery Ride on the Ides of March. This is a good route on a cold and windy day. Some say it's their favorite but is it the ride or the food? We still have no noticeable sun tan but the wind burn is very handsome. No reportable events, just a nice morning on the bikes (for a change).
Road 2018-03-14 Wednesday Night B+15-17 Mike Dirks 2 0 0 Cold, blustery ride but felt great to get out. Thanks Jim.
Road 2018-03-11 Sunday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 14 0 33 If it's Sunday it must be Hoskessin. We outsmarted the clock by starting the ride an hour later. Actually several of our riders demanded the later start. We will return to our regular 9 AM start next week after our internal clocks have had a chance to adjust. We had a very tight group with Carol and Butch sharing the pulling chores with Kim. Bob "The Broom" Lamb was the guest sweeper.
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