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Road 2017-11-23 Thursday B+B_14-17 Viktor 14 0 49 Pre-Turkey Ride
29 degree start and 24 degree low temp but no wind, plenty of sun and a lot of fun. Other than one knee that had its challenges (and resulted in a call home), no issues, incidents or complaints. We did have one subset miss a turn and add a few extra miles, but sucks to be them. A few cue sheet deviations resulted in a mile or two less than posted. All good and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Road 2017-11-23 Thursday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 8 0 28 Thanksgiving Day. It was the coldest start since last March. We stayed together the entire ride in order to share each others' body heat. We even cut the ride sort because our riders were cold (and perhaps had other things to do this afternoon). As time goes on we will become more conditioned to the cold. But for now Happy Thanksgiving to all those reading this report from your friends at the Shaw's Bridge Group.
Road 2017-11-21 Tuesday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 11 0 39 Chilly to start, but warmed up as we rode.  Did our "Kennett Square the hard way" route (Powell, Apple Grove, Wilson, Lamborntown, Line, and Pemberton Roads) and then added a loop down to Marshall Bridge Road after our break for good measure.  Managed to stay out of wind for most of the morning, but did catch some of it during the last hour.  A couple of our riders had a close encounter with a buck crossing Route 842 but thankfully no damage to either the cyclists of the deer ensued.  No other incidents or problems.  Group stayed together surprisingly well for most of the ride--a good "pre-Thanksgiving" outing.
Road 2017-11-21 Tuesday B_14-16 Frank Weber 11 0 44 Mt Cuba (#251) was beautiful as always.  Day started out chilly but warmed soon.  Lost two riders just past Hanks when seat post sheared off where aluminum met carbon.  Could have been very bad, grateful rider made it back safely,  Remaining nine enjoyed the fellowship of the road.
Road 2017-11-19 Sunday B+15-17 Ben C 4 0 30 4 riders fought the wind, avoided the sticks, and drank the coffee.  Comfortable temps and good conversation.  All were glad to get out.
Road 2017-11-18 Saturday B+B_14-17 Viktor 9 4 52 East-West-Wet Chester
Cool start, several hills, then some wet stuff that brought us back a bit earlier (about 6 miles shorter than planned). No issues or incidents and no, we didn't pick up anyone from the A level group. Maybe next time!
Road 2017-11-18 Saturday A-_17-19 Craig 12 1 58 Not a bad day to ride east at a fall pace. Nice rollers south of Malvern & smooth roads with very little traffic for most of the ride. (Except for 1 crazy driver who passed us closer and faster than I have ever seen going down Dilworthtown Rd.)  Had periods of sun and moderate temps early but clouds and light rain started with about 15 miles to go. Fortunately made it back before the rain got heavier. One minor crash near the 842 bridge when a rider slid out on the wet white line and two riders went down. No injuries and both bikes were fine.
  2017-11-18 Saturday B+15-17 Mike Kress 9 5 44 Very well matched group led to a pace faster than I expected on this route - everyone one finished within a couple of ticks of 17mph with 2700+ ft of climbing.   We kept an eye on the weather, but I got surprised when it started sprinkling on us at the golf course on Broad Run.  The pace quickened from there, but the rain never was heavy.   Kudos to Maria for both riding strong AND riding without gloves in 43F weather -- huh?   Thanks all for making this a ride that needed no leader, it was really my pleasure.

Lets hope fall never ends
Road 2017-11-18 Saturday B-_13-15 Frank 14 4 31 Not the prettiest day to ride but a ride none the less.  Good group of well matched riders that stayed together very well for the whole ride.  Note to ride leaders:  Don't tell them where they are going in advance. ;^)  Only one mechanical, a dropped chain... Wait a minute, that was Tony when he got dropped from his group.  So no mechanicals that I know of.  Did not get wet but only spit on by the rain going up 842.  Timed the rain out just right.
Road 2017-11-18 Saturday A-2_17-19 Deron Jester 6 3 44 A really nice route with a group that mostly stayed together.  We ended up splitting a bit in the end but everyone made it home safely.  The distance was adequate for the temps and the rain so ill be happy to post similar rides through the winter.  18.8 AVG.
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