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Road 2017-09-19 Tuesday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 9 0 33 A tight schedule caused us to select a quick and easy peasy ride up the CVT to Exton. We had no problem navigating through Valley Creek Road ( bridge closed for others) and the Tunnels of Doom. Perhaps you stayed home thinking the weather was going to be bad - wrong. It was perfect.
Road 2017-09-17 Sunday B+15-17 Michelle Ballard 14 0 50 We had a super fun spirited ride following the regular recovery route. Somehow we had 14 riders at the start, gained one, lost three, gained another one, lost another one.....ended up true at the end. One mechanical with a cassette malfunction forced a call to the spouse for one rider. "Big" thanks to Marty and Grant for keeping the group together and making the ride extra enjoyable.
Road 2017-09-17 Sunday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 22 0 33 Record-breaking number of riders today including some "visitors" from the Delaware Valley Club.  Did our usual run to Hockessin.  Since we were back to our two ride leaders, we were able to keep the largegroup pretty much together. Very nice ride--only remarkable incident was that one of our riders got stung by yellowjackets multiple times while climbing Locust in Kennett.  He had no allergic reactions and finished the ride just fine.  No mechanicals or other problems.  
Road 2017-09-17 Sunday Super_B_17+ Mike DeFranco 10 0 50 A very humid start to the usual slightly faster recovery ride. Finished all together with a slightly higher pace then projected but with the thoroughbreds in this group well within tolerances. I guess everybody was excited to get back WC  for the Restaurant  Festival. 

As always, awesome work by the group provided a safe fun ride. It is such a joy to ride with such a group. Great conversation and good fun was abound today.
Road 2017-09-16 Saturday Super_B_17+ Bob Morris 9 1 52 Great ride today on some brand new roads. Most of our climbing was done my mile 29 at our rest stop in Sadsbury. Lots of work today from Paul and Cliff. This could be our last summer ride!
No mechanicals, a brief stint on gravel road. 3000' of elevation, pace of 17.1 Thanks for a great ride folks!
Road 2017-09-16 Saturday B_14-16 Jack 13 5 41 My objective as a ride leader is always to ride safely at the best pace the entire group of riders can maintain. It is perfect when the stronger riders pull and set a pace that challenge all riders but do not blow the pace line apart - and gives ALL riders the thrill of riding at 20 to 22 mph in a pace line.With the amount of climbing on today's route I was not optimistic that we could keep the group together - but we did! Thanks to those who pushed themselves to keep up and thanks to those 4 or 5 riders that got a good workout by doing more than their share of pulling. We ended in the 16.6 to 16.7 range and everyone got a benefit from the ride. No mechanicals and only one safety issue - the ride leader drifted into Bob - his brake hood was pressed against Bob's hip and Bob's shoe tabs were flapping in Jack's front wheel spokes like a "baseball card" from younger days - recovery was smooth and uneventful. Michelle kept the streak alive by passing the ride leader on the climb into town. Perfect weather.
Road 2017-09-16 Saturday A-_17-19 Craig 18 0 66 First humid/muggy Saturday in awhile. I guess we have been spoiled this summer with all the nice cool mornings. Nice scenic route out to Amish farm country & chicken BBQ's west of Rt. 41 plus a bonus new climb up Bailey Crossroads Rd. after the covered bridge. Strong group stayed together pretty well in single/double pacelines which allowed us to finish with a 19.2+ avg. with about 3,500 ft. or so of climbing. No mechanicals or incidents just another fun, safe ride. Thanks to all who joined.
Road 2017-09-16 Saturday B+15-17 Mike Kress and Dick Sabo 9 3 58 This is one of the best routes I've ridden -- what a gem.   This cue has it all - some hills, some flats, and incredible views.   Of course the weather helped, and we had the perfect group to match.  No one pushed the pace, but it wasn't slow - we finished at 16mph with 3,800 ft of climbing.   But I don't recall ever having to regroup.   Wow.    Big kudos to Dick for leading and recommending this route.   Keep this one on file.   Thanks all for making this a ride that lead itself.

Let's hope summer never ends.
Road 2017-09-16 Saturday B-_13-15 Frank 29 8 34 Another great Saturday to ride.  A little humid at the start but otherwise ideal weather to ride.  A flat on Broad Run Rd changed the course of our ride making it shorter than planned but still enjoyable.   There was also at least one chain drop. Group split into three groups on the way back in which isn't surprising considering the size of the group.
Road 2017-09-16 Saturday A-2_17-19 Deron Jester 10 5 52 What a great ride.  The group stayed together really well.  This route will definitely be an annual adventure.  One flat was the only mechanical.  We picked up 2 from Bob's group at the rest stop. 18.6 Avg.
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