Type Date Day Level Leader Riders IH Distance Comments Photo
Road 2017-10-19 Thursday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 12 0 33 Little Washington on a lovely fall day. Once again it was cold and damp as we started out but it improved rapidly throughout the morning. This ride features the East Brandywine and Struble Trails which are excellent for avoiding busy sections of Routes 322 and 282. Little Washington itself is quiet and serene with the added beauty of fall colors. Everyone in this close group enjoyed the ride.
Road 2017-10-19 Thursday B_14-16 Frank Weber 9 0 45 Cue 210 but took Cannery up, back.  Great fall day.  Group was tight.  Suzette supplied pumpkin cake.  All was good.
Road 2017-10-17 Tuesday B-_13-15 Bill Siegel & Kim Slocum 9 0 33 Broad Run-Thorndale-Coatesville. The temperature at Shaw's Bridge Park was 36 at the start. All of us were bundled up against the cold with one exception. Early into the ride one of us was forced to abandon with an irreparable shoe mechanical. Smooth sailing otherwise as the weather improved and the remaining riders thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Thorndale Wawa is closed for renovations, the Turkey Hill in Coatesville is a suitable substitute.
Road 2017-10-17 Tuesday B_14-16 Frank Weber 9 0 44 A tad chilly at start, perfect fall crispness thereafter.  Great group, hung together well.  Route travelled some familiar roads, and other less traveled (at least directionally).  Only issue was Rt340 milled between Rt30 and Bondsville.
Road 2017-10-15 Sunday B-_13-15 Kim Slocum 13 0 33 Transylvania weather and thirteen riders--must be getting close to Halloween.  We did our usual Sunday run to Hockessin, but took it a little easy due to the wet roads and mist in the air.  We also took some extra precautions on our two metal grate bridges and several sets of railroad tracks.  Hopefully that contributed to our lack of any problems.  Everyone seemed to be happy that we actually got out and got our ride in.
Road 2017-10-15 Sunday A-B+_15-19 Ben C 6 0 40 6 riders navigated a misty start for a safe, fun ride in northern Chester County.  Roads dried out for the second half and the pace picked up for the finish.  One stubborn flat, but no other incidents.  Kudos to Michelle, who picked up a QOM on a climb!
Road 2017-10-14 Saturday B_14-16 Jack 13 6 39 Changed route due to continuing mist, so a couple of miles short but at good pace given the conditions - most riders finished around 16. Group stayed together very well until the end of the no drop zone, the horses then saw the barn and picked up the pace. Thanks to all who pulled, but Judd, Suzette, Ken, and Mark were out front much of the time. Since Suzette was the only lady on the ride, I was hoping to break the years long trend of always having at least 1 woman beat me up 842 hill, but no luck - Suzette was out of view as I climbed. No mechanicals but we did have 2 riders bump the wheel in front - 1 recovered without going down and the other controlled the fall and was not hurt, nor was his bike. Congratulations to the 2 experienced riders. No other safety issues.
Road 2017-10-14 Saturday A-_17-19 Brian Oberholtzer and John Tonetti 12 4 80 We ended up keeping the original start time given riders that had driven in from NJ and DC.  Represented were 3 continents and five different decades of ages.  Really.  it was a beautifully cooperative group.  Folks that could have ridden faster didn't.  Line'em up (the paceline), nock'em down (the miles).  Great to see JT.  Mucho fun today. Was good for the spirit.   We averaged mid 17s (mph) despite the ugly weather for much of the ride.
Road 2017-10-14 Saturday B+B_14-17 Jaime Torchiana 2 0 49 No mechanicals, no drops.
Despite my better judgement, les today’s ride which was slick in some spots. Drizzle and fog never lifted, but slower pace ensured our safety. 
Avg 15.5. 
Road 2017-10-14 Saturday B+B_14-17 Don Hurford 2 0 29 The Daybreak ride had it's first rain delay ever as riders unexpectedly encountered rain and wet roads at the start. After fortifying ourselves with Starbucks caffeine for 30 minutes before we set off on misty roads towards Unionville.

The route was adjusted to try to hit straight, flat and unwooded roads which is nearly impossible to do in Chester County.

We managed the best we could in a slow conversational ride with an average speed of around 15MPH, no mechanicals or falls. Staying on the bikes was the major goal on this slippery day which was accomplished.
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