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Penn Dot
District 6


Membership and Kit order  
APRIL 3 - MAY 13, 2018 
@ midnight 

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******  NOTE !  ******

*A new Ride Waiver will be required for all Members, New Members and Non-Members for 2017 Rides.

Please complete the Waiver Form and the Emergency Data form.



(All rides begin at the Parking Lot at New St, Gay St and Hannum Ave West Chester unless noted otherwise in the ride posting)

PennDot Maintenance Bulletin

Riding Safety Tips


Ride Level Descriptions
Paceline Video #1

Paceline Video #2
Must view if you ride in Frank's B- Group


Individual Mileage for 2018

  Notes for Using Garmin      

Garmin Owner's Manual
 March 09


Streaming Video of Crit Races 
crash at about 3:14:20

WCCC 2012-2013 Photo Video - YouTube


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